Marketing Research Paper Topics

100+ Marketing Research Paper Topics to Explore in 2024

Marketing is an interesting sphere to study and work in. However, as a student, you might face many writing assignments that require you to explore new marketing topics and concepts. How do you find exciting marketing topics to examine? Which marketing research topics are trending today? 

We have answered all your questions in this guide to winning marketing research paper topics. But let’s start from the basics – what are marketing research topics? In fact, marketing topics can be about anything related to promoting a product, brand, or service via a variety of channels. 

By choosing research-worthy and fresh marketing research topics, you guarantee yourself a high grade for the critical insight and in-depth understanding of the course’s material. Therefore, it’s vitally important to know how to spot good marketing research paper topics that offer a wide area for critical investigation and research inquiry. 

How to Choose Interesting Marketing Research Topics

When you’re in search of interesting marketing research topics, you may use the following tips to land on great marketing research ideas without fail. 

  • Scan the list of marketing research paper topics suggested by your professor. There should be many variants of marketing topics to explore. 
  • Google recent and fresh marketing topics to ensure your study is relevant to the present-day industry trends. 
  • Explore evergreen marketing research paper topics that always attract attention. 
  • Consider marketing research topics that link theory and practice. Look for marketing topics in your niche and explore them by using an example of a concrete company or business. 
  • Don’t stick to one opinion when exploring marketing research paper topics. There are always multiple approaches and perspectives on marketing topics, and you can compare and contrast them by applying your critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Your Ultimate List of Marketing Research Topics 

To help you with marketing topics to write about, we’ve scanned the web and hand-picked a list of marketing topics for all occasions. Use these interesting marketing topics to speed up the writing process and get a high grade for creativity and thought-provoking content. 

Digital Marketing Research Topics 

Do you need research-worthy marketing research paper topics in the digital domain? Here are some fresh digital marketing research topics that will impress your professor. 

  1. Inbound marketing. 
  2. The 4 Ps of marketing. 
  3. Digital strategy. 
  4. Segmentation. 
  5. Customer lifetime value. 
  6. Porter’s Five Forces. 
  7. The digital ecosystem. 
  8. The halo effect. 
  9. Brand and proposition effects. 
  10. Display advertising. 

Marketing Research Topics for College Students 

Looking for college-level marketing research ideas? Here are some marketing topics for your consideration. 

  1. Role of KPIs in marketing. 
  2. Profile of modern digital consumer. 
  3. Data protection in modern marketing. 
  4. Budget and resources. 
  5. A phased approach to marketing. 
  6. Budgeting and forecasting. 
  7. The SEO triangle. 
  8. Setting up a marketing campaign. 
  9. Programmatic advertising. 
  10. Campaign measurement metrics. 

Tourism Marketing Research Topics 

We’ve also found exciting marketing topics to write about the unexplored dimension of tourism. Here are the marketing topics your professor is sure to like.  

  1. Third-world tourism. 
  2. Consumer behavior.
  3. Demand forecasting in tourism. 
  4. Communications mix. 
  5. International tourism marketing. 
  6. Sustainable tourism. 
  7. Tourism marketing challenges in the 21st century. 
  8. E-marketing in tourism. 
  9. Role of changing demographics in tourism marketing. 
  10. Market research in tourism.  

Retail Marketing Research Topics 

Retail marketing topics for research are really hard to find. But we’ve nailed this task, and here we share our carefully crafted list of research topics in marketing in the retail sector. 

  1. Relationship marketing. 
  2. Retailer adoption of the Internet. 
  3. Strategic planning in retail marketing. 
  4. Retailing strategy. 
  5. The retail marketing mix. 
  6. Customer analysis. 
  7. Market segmentation in retail. 
  8. Financial appraisal of decisions. 
  9. Creating the retail environment. 
  10. Role of research in retail marketing. 

B2B Marketing Research Topics 

Look through this list of B2B market research ideas to find a prompt that suits your assignment the best. We propose the following marketing research paper topics for your attention. 

  1. Role of social media in B2B marketing. 
  2. Account-based marketing. 
  3. Touchpoint sensitivity analysis. 
  4. Chatbots in B2B marketing. 
  5. Marketing automation. 
  6. Predictive intelligence. 
  7. Misinformation in the B2B sector. 
  8. Corporate communications on social media. 
  9. Marketing 3.0. 
  10. The B2B marketing maturity model. 

Social Media Marketing Research Topics 

Looking for some great social media research paper topics? We’ve found very interesting research paper topics about social media that will spice up any assignment. 

  1. ROI of social media marketing efforts. 
  2. The social feedback cycle. 
  3. What is a social business? 
  4. The new role of the customer. 
  5. Social CRM and business support. 
  6. The customer’s POV. 
  7. Web analytics in SMM.
  8. Role of influencers in SMM. 
  9. Factors of customer engagement. 
  10. What are social objects?  

Sports Marketing Research Topics 

Need market research ideas for a sports niche? Here are some research-worthy marketing topics you may enjoy writing about. 

  1. E-sports advertising. 
  2. Sports promotion in social media. 
  3. Sports apparel branding. 
  4. Athlete influencers. 
  5. Top sports marketing trends. 
  6. AR/VR use in sports marketing. 
  7. Sports event sponsorship as a marketing tactic. 
  8. Digital engagement strategies for sports fans. 
  9. Emotions in sports marketing. 
  10. Sports tourism. 

Green Marketing Research Topics 

Marketing topics for research in the green niche are also a rare catch. We’ve simplified things for you – have a look at this list of marketing research topics worth exploring. 

  1. IKEA as a green brand. 
  2. Creating an eco-friendly brand image. 
  3. Is print media green? 
  4. CSR tactics for business. 
  5. Profile of a green consumer. 
  6. Emerging customer values in the 2020s. 
  7. Concept of “green fatigue.” 
  8. Green e-marketing. 
  9. Greenbacks. 
  10. A “going green” blueprint for businesses. 

Influencer Marketing Research Topics 

Studying influencers and searching for a worthy list of marketing topics on this subject? We’ve done the legwork for you and propose the following marketing research paper topics about influencers. 

  1. Blogging and microblogging. 
  2. Influencer content strategies. 
  3. How do influencers build their following? 
  4. Principles of media sharing. 
  5. Social news and influencing. 
  6. Ethics in influencer blogging. 
  7. Should influencers report their remuneration? 
  8. Account takeovers. 
  9. Are giveaways legal? 
  10. Challenges of influencer marketing in the 2020s. 

Fashion Marketing Research Topics 

Fashion branding and promotion are exciting study areas with many marketing topics to explore. Here is our set of research topics in marketing of fashionable brands. 

  1. PR in fashion marketing. 
  2. Visual merchandising in fashion retail. 
  3. Contributors to brand loyalty in the fashion industry. 
  4. Luxury brand storytelling. 
  5. Cultural differences in fashion marketing. 
  6. Sustainable fashion. 
  7. Emotional branding. 
  8. Fashion trends and consumer behavior. 
  9. Brand collaborations in marketing. 
  10. Role of live streaming in fashion marketing. 

Need More than Marketing Topics for Research

Here you go with our long list of marketing topics for research in all spheres of this academic discipline. If you still find no suitable prompt and need assistance beyond marketing research topics, welcome to our writing service. A large team of pros is ready to serve your educational needs and close your pending tasks on a variety of marketing research paper topics 24/7.