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Best Sports Essay Topics 2023: Your Ultimate List

Writing an essay about sport is fun, even for those who are not avid athletes. It allows you to show your love for your favorite sport, team, or player. But students must understand why everyone should play a sport to be able to choose the best sport essay topics.

This post shares insights to help you choose the best sport essay topic. It also has carefully selected sample topics to inspire your writing, such as a “Why cheerleading is a sport” persuasive essay.

How to Choose the Best Sport Essay Topics

Choosing the right topic for your sport essay is critical. Here are tips for selecting an ideal title.

Relevance and Ethics

Your chosen topic should be relevant and ethical. For instance, you may opt for a topic that connects to recent sporting controversy in your location. However, avoid unethical opinions because such expressions might raise negativity and not work well with your tutors, lowering your overall grades.


You must determine a subject that interests you and your target readers. To achieve this goal, you can write a “what makes a sport” essay. It will inspire your research and give unique insights and ideas to make an essay readable and thought-provoking.

Narrow Your Topic

Narrow your topic to write a sport essay that fetches you high grades. It should be well-scoped and focused on giving readers enough value. Besides, the subject must be manageable enough to provide you with several worthy arguments to examine at length within the assigned word count.

Difficulty Levels

Before selecting a topic, ask yourself, “Is my favorite sport essay topic too difficult for me?” You will face writing challenges if your title is unnecessarily complex and beyond your understanding. With this insight in mind, you should select a theme you know well and can explore from various perspectives.

Availability of Research Materials

Don’t forget to ask yourself the critical question, “Can I get enough research materials to compose my favorite sport essay?” If your answer is no, consider changing the topic. Otherwise, you will lack sufficient sources and facts to back your claims.


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Top Sport Argumentative Essay Topics

Getting a sport essay example to inspire you is one of the best ways to kick-start your assignments. Here are sample argumentative essay topics to jumpstart you.

  1. Does soccer prioritize self-sacrifice to benefit a team at the expense of players’ safety?
  2. What must soccer authorities do about offensive team names?
  3. Should athletes receive payment for winning school championships?
  4. Should athletes use sports to promote their political positions?
  5. How does sport promote eating disorders in women?
  6. How daily exercise and sports benefit teenagers with physical or emotional challenges.
  7. How do sports affect human cognition?
  8. Sporting activities can enhance children’s fine and gross motor skills.
  9. Depression and anxiety can increase exercise-related injury risk.
  10. Is cheerleading a sport?
  11. Long-term repercussions of trauma in young athletes.
  12. Sports injuries negatively impact athletes’ stress management.
  13. Does climate change significantly threaten winter sports?
  14. Why is Cross Country Skiing the safest winter game?
  15. Corporations must stop advertising players’ uniforms.
  16. Girl soccer teams should compete with boy soccer clubs.
  17. The number of gold medals shouldn’t be the final standard for measuring skill and greatness.
  18. Are summer Olympic games more entertaining than winter ones?
  19. Should children be assessed for their physical training at school?
  20. All children need a fixed physical activity level per week.
  21. Employers must allow their employees to exercise during work hours.
  22. How do sports boost social ties?
  23. What are the sociological dimensions of big sporting festivals?

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Easy Sport Persuasive Essay Topics for 2023

Here are easy topics for writing a good sport essay, like a “cheerleading is not a sport” essay and dozens of others.

  1. How has goal-line technology improved fairness in soccer?
  2. Where is the rationale for hiring foreign players to play for national teams?
  3. Why is men’s soccer more popular than its female counterpart?
  4. Is a soccer player’s short career worth the long years of training?
  5. Major international sporting events negatively affect host countries.
  6. Should sporting clubs that buy famous players develop their young players instead?
  7. Does hiring more foreign players erode a club’s local taste?
  8. How do sports positively affect students’ self-esteem and confidence?
  9. How sporting helps persons with mental challenges improve their psychological well-being.
  10. Sports should focus more on participation and cooperation instead of competitiveness.
  11. Does football threaten players’ well-being?
  12. Where should teams draw the line when selling their naming rights?
  13. Doping athletes should surrender their medals.
  14. Can female coaches train male sports clubs?
  15. Why is self-control critical in martial arts?
  16. How First Aid helps treat sports injuries.
  17. The challenges surrounding World Cup bidding.
  18. Should governments ban sports betting?
  19. Describe how technological advances promote sports evolution.
  20. How does the media promote sports?

Basketball Sporting Topics

Do you want favorite sport essay topics like “Why basketball is the best sport essay?” Here are sample titles to inspire your writing in this sporting niche.

  1. Is Michael Jordan the greatest basketballer of all time?
  2. Are basketball championships the best way of measuring player proficiency?
  3. Should basketball players role model children?
  4. Why don’t many great basketballers make good coaches?
  5. Why do college basketballers struggle with time management?
  6. Are elite basketballers overpaid?
  7. Is salary discrimination in the NBA destroying this popular game?
  8. How basketball socialization benefits children and teenagers.
  9. Why hasn’t basketball achieved gender inequality?
  10. How injuries impact basketballers’ performance and careers.
  11. Mental toughness and resilience: Their impact on basketballers’ success.
  12. Social media: Its effect on basketballers’ careers and public image.
  13. Sponsorships and endorsements: Their roles in basketball.
  14. Why are leadership and teamwork critical to a basketball team’s success?
  15. How do gender and cultural diversity affect a basketball team’s success?

Closing Remarks on Sports Essay Topics

There you go, with all you need to know about sport essay topics. The ball is in your court to use these insights and examples to boost your game in this field. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more help or want to buy cause and effect essay topics (sport and non-sport related). Drop us a line today to get professional assistance from writing pros.