Guidelines for Conduct

Last updated on February 25, 2024

Welcome to ("Service," "Platform," "Website"). These Guidelines for Conduct act as a roadmap for the proper use of this Platform and aid in averting any possible misuse.

Specific regions, including Austria, the U.K., the Commonwealth of Australia, and certain U.S. states, namely Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, Maine, Colorado, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, among others, may have rules governing particular ways of using our Platform.

We retain the right to deny services to customers from these regions and provide these Guidelines for Conduct to avoid any confusion.

By using our Platform, you ("Client," "Customer," "User," "yours," "your") consent to abide by this Code.

In case of any discrepancy between these Guidelines and other documents available on the Platform, the conditions set forth in these Guidelines shall prevail.

Policy on Fair Use

The samples ("Materials," "Products") supplied by our team are exclusively meant for personal purposes. These Materials are created to act as a reference, guide, or source of inspiration. You are strongly discouraged from presenting these Products as your own creations or claiming authorship/copyright ownership.

By requesting our services, you agree to utilize the provided Materials in line with their intended purpose and to refrain from actions such as reselling or distributing the obtained Materials to third parties, using them for commercial purposes, or in any other manner without appropriate attribution.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity refers to a firm commitment to ethical principles in educational endeavors, truthfulness, and fairness — values that our Platform upholds.

These Guidelines for Conduct expressly forbid any forms of dishonesty, including but not limited to the following:

  • Contract cheating
  • Plagiarizing
  • Copyright violation
  • Scam
  • Falsification
  • Impersonation
  • And similar behaviors

Please refrain from participating in the aforementioned activities when using our Platform. We strongly condemn such unethical practices and under no circumstances engage in them. Our Service is specifically designed to assist users in their scholarly pursuits, placing a high priority on academic integrity.

Forbidden Requests

The following requests are strictly forbidden by these Guidelines:

  • Pretending to be someone else for any purpose.
  • Finishing academic tasks on a User's behalf.
  • Falsifying official documents, financial or other reports, etc.
  • Requesting answers for tests, exams, etc.
  • Fabricating any type of data, including references.

Please note that this list of forbidden requests is not exhaustive and serves only as a guideline.

Non-compliance with the restrictions set forth in these Guidelines for Conduct will lead to permanent removal from our Platform, with no option for account restoration.

Conduct Rules

Our Platform is dedicated to never involving in illegal activities or facilitating fraud.

Experts are forbidden from offering services to users associated with educational institutions if they have grounds to suspect that the provided services will be misused (for instance, Materials will be presented as the Client's own work). If evidence emerges that an expert knowingly facilitated any form of illegal conduct, they will be removed from the Platform without prior notice.

Users are not permitted to violate academic policies or engage in any form of illegal activities at the time they use this Platform. They are also forbidden from passing off Materials provided by assigned experts as their own creations.

Businesses are prohibited from utilizing this Platform for unlawful purposes or prompting experts to assist in deceitful or illegal actions.

Educators (instructors, mentors, tutors, supervisors, and other individuals) are encouraged not to impede students from using the resources, tools, and Materials of the Platform as part of their educational process. We acknowledge your commitment to upholding ethical conduct within your institutions and support your efforts to foster honesty and transparency in academic pursuits. Therefore, we urge you to immediately report any violations of these Guidelines.


Although the primary purpose of this Platform is to offer quality services, we cannot ensure the outcomes of the Materials provided. These Materials are solely meant for informational purposes, and their use is strictly at the Customer's risk.


Please be informed that these Guidelines are subject to revision without prior notice. It is your responsibility as a User to regularly review the outlined Guidelines for Conduct and remain updated on any changes.

By using our Platform, you confirm that you have understood and agreed to the terms of these Guidelines.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above Guidelines for Conduct, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] or call our toll-free number +1 (929) 201-0147.