Revision Policy

Every customer is granted a free revision period upon order completion. This service is provided free of charge and applies to any type of order as long as it is requested within a 14-30-day period.

What is a revision?

This process includes providing unlimited amendments to the document delivered to you by EssayUSA. You can submit a revision request explaining the changes you want the expert to make (e.g., rewrite, add, or exclude some pieces of writing in the essay).

What is a revision period?

It is important to submit your revision request within the announced time:

  • A 14-day revision period applies to orders with less than 20 pages.
  • A 30-day revision period applies to orders with more than 20 pages.

The revision period starts on the day your order is uploaded to the Customer area. For example, your essay was finished and delivered on May 1st. The revision period starts automatically on May 1st, meaning you can request revisions within the next 14 days (if your essay has less than 20 pages). May 14th is the last day to ask your expert for changes in the document. However, if your essay has more than 20 pages, the last day of the revision period is May 30th.

If you want to request revisions after the revision period ends, you can order them as an ‘Editing’ service.


You can request revisions by clicking on the ‘Request Revision’ button. Go to your Customer Area and open the order page to find the button.

Please note that all amendments are made following the initial instructions. You can’t change the topic, add new instructions, or request new information not initially described in the instructions to your order. Such a revision request will be viewed as an editing service and require new payment.

For example, you provided the essay’s topic and structure in your instructions with detailed explanations on every section of the text. After order completion, you decide to delete some text sections and add new content not initially included in the instructions. A revision request will be considered an editing service in such a situation and will require an additional charge. Alternatively, suppose you want the expert to rewrite some sections because, in your opinion, they lack argumentation or do not match your original explanations. In that case, such a request will be considered a revision request and provided for free.


Any proven case of plagiarism in the order is subject to an extended revision period of up to 180 days.