Academic Integrity

Interpretation of Terms 

Company or EssayUSA is an online platform operating with the domain name, a writing service that guarantees excellent standards in education while promoting academic honesty.

EssayUSA Expert or Expert is a professional freelancer employed by the Company to offer services under the specified terms and conditions in the Company Agreement (providing writing help or doing school assignments and giving a Customer completed samples for reference and research purposes).

The Customer is someone who visits the EssayUSA platform to order services and get professional help from EssayUSA Expert. Or to access the free resources and essay examples of academic papers offered on the website at no cost.

Writing Service is a solution the Company Experts offer users within a pre-determined timeline and the Customer’s strict instructions. “To deliver Writing Service” refers to the process of creating, composing, or producing samples of an academic assignment. It could be a complete or partial paper such as an essay, dissertation, term paper, report, or any other recorded or written piece of academic material for a specified amount.

Product is the outcome after the EssayUSA Expert completers and delivers a writing service to the Customer. It is an academic paper sample of a particular task that should not be submitted to an academic institution – school, college, or university that is legally chartered, licensed, incorporated, and registered by the state, in partial fulfillment of the specifications to obtain a certificate, diploma or degree for a particular course at supervised institutions.


EssayUSA supports the international movement that facilitates personalized learning approaches in institutions of higher learning. This agreement demonstrates our vision for correctly using our essay writing service. EssayUSA affirms that the fraudulent activities of academic dishonesty are not justifiable and weaken the entire academic system. The people who feel the impact are learners, the public, and the academic community. Such activities are prohibited at EssayUSA.

EssayUSA Experts are strongly forbidden to allow or facilitate academic fraud, which entails helping students obtain grades with papers completed by EssayUSA writers, contract cheating, or get degrees or diplomas using a thesis or dissertation composed by EssayUSA experts.

Therefore, EssayUSA considers academic dishonesty as:

  • Plagiarism: Stealing and using EssayUSA Expert’s work without fully acknowledging the owner.
  • Collusions: Teaming with third parties to work on academic assignments without proper authorization.
  • Copying: Duplication and submission of papers written by EssayUSA Experts without their approval.
  • Impersonation: Masquerading as a student or asking an individual to act on your behalf during an in-person interview.
  • Contract cheating: Hiring a professional writer to do your assignments and other academic work for money.
  • Data manipulation and falsification: Fabricating and inventing false information with the purpose of generating fake documents and image manipulation.

EssayUSA Experts are not allowed to intentionally assist learners to cheat, copy the content, or participate in fraudulent activities that infringe on the stated policies of the college or institution the learner is affiliated to. These actions involve EssayUSA Experts impersonating students and taking their tests or working on assignments that will be used for grading purposes. EssayUSA will immediately terminate any employment contract with an Expert who knowingly assists a learner in cheating.

To Students 

Customers are restricted from using EssayUSA services to facilitate illegal activities that breach any school or college policies. Customers are prohibited from using the EssayUSA platform for illegal actions or contracting EssayUSA Experts to assist learners in cheating and breaking college regulations.

To Experts 

EssayUSA platform offers you a great opportunity to educate users. We are confident that you will deliver your work professionally and carry yourself as an expert who values academic integrity. As an EssayUSA Expert, you must adhere to the set guidelines while offering quality services to customers.

  • EssayUSA Experts must not initiate or engage in activities that contravene corporate or college policies.
  • EssayUSA Experts must not assist students in participating in contract cheating or academic fraud.
  • EssayUSA Experts must not offer writing services to learners registered in a chartered university college or school with the intention of using the services illegally or knowing that the student will submit the work, whether partially or as their original paper, to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate.

To Parents and Teachers

EssayUSA strongly advocates that parents and teachers should be part of the larger education mission globally to support this project. We are sure that personalized learning strategies and the use of essay samples are the future of the academic industry.

As a teacher, we strongly expect you to abide by the following:

  • To grant permission to learners to share academic material in class and to assist them in using the EsssayUSA platform.
  • To motivate the learner to use free resources and academic paper samples offered by EssayUSA to enhance learning and boost their performance.
  • You will not interfere with or stop students from accessing and using EssayUSA tools and services provided by the experts.
  • You will not stop EssayUSA Experts from offering tutoring help to learners, except for preparing, researching, and composing academic papers, knowingly or intending to use the academic assignments to facilitate cheating. Or students who will submit the Expert’s work as their original paper to fraudulently obtain college or university certificates, diplomas, or degrees.

Parents are expected to:

  • Issue your child with adequate financial assistance to enhance their academic performance with the help of well-written essay or academic paper examples.
  • Persuade your child to take advantage of the free academic resources and tools offered by EssayUSA for learning purposes.

List of Forbidden Task Orders

Any EssayUSA Customer who goes against the policies and regulations outlined in this agreement, either on the mobile application or website platform, will have their account deactivated immediately without an option of recovery. The Customer who breaches these rules will also be prohibited from accessing and using EssayUSA with any intent.

Below is a list of banned tasks customers should not request:

  • Working on academic papers or assignments on behalf of learners.
  • Masquerading as a student to perform illegal academic activities
  • Researching and writing academic papers for learners to pass off as their work.
  • Outsourcing exam or test answers from external sources when the school or professor strictly prohibits it.
  • Ghostwriting academic papers for students pursuing health and medicine courses.
  • Writing extensive academic papers like dissertations or theses for money.
  • Falsifying confidential data, citations, or other sensitive information.
  • Generating false financial documents.
  • Other requests that infringe on corporate or college policies.

If you notice any illegal activities that promote dishonesty and violate Academic Integrity on the EssayUSA platform, contact us immediately and report the case.