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Love and Relationships in the Great Gatsby

Love and Relationships in the Great Gatsby

American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald published his novel Great Gatsby in 1925. He describes the action that takes place in New York and tells the tragic love story of a millionaire who has achieved success in life and Gatsby’s obsession with a beautiful, young girl with whom he has been in love since his youth, has an American dream and uses the Dan Cody character to establish his identity in society. Genre Gatsby is romance and tragedy. There are many of Gatsby’s huge projection.

The Main Characters of the Great Gatsby

The whole plot revolves around Gatsby’s hopes of getting Daisy. All the most romantic scenes occur in Louisville, where the writer rested for a long time at Camp Taylor. The novel describes Great Gatsby relationships. The Great Gatsby novel has many characters that can be divided into major and minor. The main characters of the novel are:

Nick Carraway

He plays an important role in Great Gatsby because he is both a storyteller and a participant. Scott Fitzgerald very skillfully showed his importance in The Great Gatsby novel while at the same time leaving Nick Carraway in the shadows. He changes throughout the novel and emerges from a secondary role to the fore as he talks about what is happening. The first time the reader learns the most about him is when Nick introduces Tom and comes to dinner. Nick hates Gatsby because he doesn’t understand his wild desire to impress Daisy at all costs. After Nick meets Jordan, Nick eyes Jordan throughout the entire plot.

You can characterize Nick Carraway based on his goals in life. After the war, he leaves for the east and has an American dream to get new experiences and emotions because he does not like the boredom and monotony that disappears from life when Nick sees Jordan.

Unlike Gatsby, he is smart and educated, so he wants to achieve more in life while carefully noticing all the details before trusting new people. He closely monitors the Gatsby relationship and gives appropriate hints. Nick acting cold to the other characters when he does not like them. So it happened with the secular people in whose company he got. As soon as he noticed they were selfish and empty, he immediately moved away and did not try to please them further. Nick notes and analyzes the actions of all the characters.

Also, unlike Gatsby and other characters in Great Gatsby, Nick is more down-to-earth and calm, traits he shows throughout several chapters. Nick Carraway is rather secretive and does not seek to tell people about his adventures.

He has a distinctive trait of his character, which helps to make him above the rest of the characters – he has the integrity of his personality and hates the falsity of socialites, and after Gatsby’s death is convinced that Gatsby’s death was not accidental, Gatsby fell accident was that he could not return to reality. By the end of the Great Gatsby novel, Nick Carraway transforms from a man who always aspires to wealth to someone who understands the misfortune that status can bring. First, Nick criticizes Daisy for her marriage for profit, and then Nick leaves Daisy.

Jay Gatsby

Like Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby hails from the Midwest. Scott Fitzgerald describes him as a charming, kind dreamer who sometimes shows his mystique. He has one impossible dream – to return to the past, and throughout the Great Gatsby novel, he tries to fulfill it. Gatsby’s love for Daisy is described in the novel as the pursuit of happiness. Gatsby relationship quotes say that he looks at women the way they would like to be looked at by every man.

Most of the time, he comes off as positive and great, as the title suggests, but there are moments in the story where Jay shows negative traits, which makes her not so great. Gatsby’s relationship described in the novel is very bright and colorful. Gatsby hopes to fulfill his American dream and become a rich and useful Daisy. Gatsby’s relationship quietly echoes Tom’s relationship.

The life of Jay Gatsby met Daisy Fay, and the story of his success is the true embodiment of the American dream. He was born into a poor farmer’s family. Jay left his family young because he was not ready to deal with a difficult fate. Being alone, Gatsby hoped to become successful, and in time, he succeeded. He acquired patent leather shoes and stepped into the world of wealth.

Gatsby’s fall lies in the fact that he cannot ignore his unrealistic dream and return to reality. Throughout the novel, he uses Dan Cody to help establish his identity in Daisy and Gatsby’s society and relationships. Reactions suggest Gatsby has a lot of positive qualities. For example, at the mention of his name Daisy immediately perking.

And after that, his life sparkled with new colors, although he still did not have enough money. He is pleased that he is no longer tied to his parental home and can go anywhere. Later, Gatsby has a fatal situation in his life when Gatsby sees Daisy. This completely turns his life around – he falls in love with Daisy Buchanan. The only problem why Gatsby’s love for Daisy couldn’t be real is money, which is why Jay did everything to ensure that such problems never happened again. Jay Gatsby is a self-made man, and that is admirable. Nevertheless, Gatsby falls in love with Daisy and the wealth she represents.

Scott Fitzgerald created the character so that despite having many positive qualities, Jay Gatsby has a not-so-clean reputation. It also has to do with the money he got from crime, not from an inheritance, as he claims. Jay Gatsby sold alcoholic beverages during Prohibition and made a lot of money. Jay has little interest in others because all attention is directed to Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby and Daisy relationship is very complicated. Gatsby becomes great friends with Nick when she discovers he is her cousin. Gatsby’s finally reuniting with Daisy comes in an awkward situation, but Nick leaves them alone, and they happily enjoy the moment. As a result, Gatsby finally reunite with the beautiful Daisy.

Throughout Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby, Gatsby pursues Daisy Buchanan and dreams of getting her back. He does a lot of shopping and parties to get her back in his life. It’s quite a romantic plot, but going beyond the norm ultimately leads to Gatsby’s death.

Daisy Buchanan

Scott Fitzgerald introduced her as one of the most mysterious characters, which is very disappointing in the course of the plot of the Great Gatsby novel. Gatsby’s love for Daisy shows her not the real self that she shows. Her arms and shoulders are “golden,” and her face has the same brown tint. Although charming and beautiful, she turns out to be naughty, selfish, and superficial. Readers would like to see the image of Daisy Buchanan worthy of loving Gatsby’s efforts, but in the end, it turns out to be quite the opposite. When Gatsby sees Daisy, his life is turned upside down. Echo Daisy hears throughout the novel.

The first time Nick comes to Daisy Fay, he associates her with the otherworldly. Entering the house, he sees her sitting with Jordan Baker on a huge sofa dressed in all white. From that moment, Daisy Buchanan became the personification of an angel on earth. Many people criticize Daisy for her selfishness. However, Daisy describe Gatsby as a kind and sympathetic person.

Throughout the story, Scott Fitzgerald associates her with the white color of dresses, flowers, shoes, cars, and so on. She is always stylishly dressed and communicates very politely with people. Her image is angelic among the world of lies and anger. Describing the emotions when Gatsby sees Daisy, one can say that she is a worthy mistress. Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship is emotionally vibrant.

As the story progresses, Scott Fitzgerald increasingly exposes Daisy Buchanan’s negative traits and reveals her negative traits. She has married Tom Buchanan without love. She acts strangely when she is inactive, knowing that her husband is cheating on her. Surely this is since he has power and money, and she is ready to endure humiliation for her benefit. When Daisy views Gatsby, her eyes light up, and a smile appears on her face. Daisy and Gatsby have a rather complicated relationship.

Later, at one of the parties that loved gatsby, Daisy Buchanan showed strange behavior and spoke very ugly about her daughter. She said that having a daughter would be foolish. This is the best thing that can happen in this world. Daisy Buchanan believes that if a girl is a beautiful fool, you know she will succeed. With these words, Daisy again shows her bad temper and greed for money.

Minor Characters in the Great Gatsby

When you’re engrossed in Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “Great Gatsby,” the main character Jay Gatsby pays most of your attention. This is not surprising because the book’s title is named after him! Let’s meet some of the secondary characters.

Tom Buchanan

Scott Fitzgerald introduced the character as Nick’s wealthy classmate who wears patent leather shoes and Daisy’s husband. Tom and Daisy’s marriage in 1919. He is cheating on his wife with Myrtle Wilson, while her husband, George Wilson, is unaware of it. Tom Buchanan is the only one who notices the fake Gatsby image and uses his power and wealth to intimidate others. Many features of redeem Tom speak about it. At one of the “Who is Gatsby anyhow?” – demanded Tom suddenly. Tom and Daisy are the people who hide their faces behind money. Tom belonged to those people who always fought for justice. Daisy loved Tom for his status and wealth. ‘It’s a bitch,’ said Tom decisively and gave money.

Around midnight Tom Buchanan was loudly discussing with Myrtle Wilson whether she had the right to mention Daisy’s name. Gatsby relationship description is not the best because he is not an exemplary family man. So, naturally, Tom doesn’t know about Daisy and Gatsby’s romance at the beginning. Tom and Myrtle break up in chapter 7 because a girl is hit by a car, and Tom panics about it. Actions in the story neatly displays Tom. Later, potentially argue Tom about the loss of their fiancee.

Jordan Baker

During the entire Scott Fitzgerald novel “Great Gatsby,” she dates Nick and is Daisy’s friend. She is a professional golfer and always has green golf links. Jordan Baker has a calm personality, but at the same time quite selfish and cynical. Nick first falls in love with her, and then he understands her negative sides, which repels him. When Nick eyes Jordan, he realizes that he fell in love with the wrong person, which she is. Jordan’s golden shoulder indicates his wealthy status. Nick and Jordan meet and play a big role in the reunion.

Myrtle Wilson

Scott Fitzgerald describes Myrtle Wilson as a woman who is the wife of a simple car mechanic. She is dissatisfied with her life because she is considered a labor force. She has an affair with Tom Buchanan to satisfy her material needs and feel the freedom of life. Santa barbara Tom picks up pace towards the end of the novel. Her husband George locked Myrtle in the bedroom when he finds out she will arrange a fair. Tom sees Myrtle because she is easy to talk to, and he easily wooed her. Myrtle reminds Gatsby because they share the same goal of making as much money as possible. “Crazy about him!”- cried Myrtle incredulously.

George Wilson

This character is Myrtle Wilson’s husband and is completely unaware of her affair with Tom Buchanan. The hero is depressed and weak-willed while he manages the garage. George locks Myrtle in the bedroom when she finds out she’s going to have a fair. He loves his wife very much and completely loses the will to live when she dies. George’s marriage appears fractured, and George marriage quotes, “Why live with a wife you can’t stand? You need to get divorced right away”.

Dan Cody

The character is a millionaire who is friends with Jason Getz. He took him to work on his yacht, presented him with patent leather shoes and made him a real Jay Gatsby. Dan wanted to transfer his wealth to Jay, but his wife did everything to ensure she received the inheritance.

Great Gatsby Relationship

The novel by Scott Fitzgerald has a vivid and rich plot that describes the tragic love story of Gatsby’s love for Daisy. Throughout time there have been many scandals and intrigues, and the reader can watch the fulfillment of the American dream. As soon as Nick enters the Buchanan house, the true faces of the characters are immediately visible. All characters have a certain relationship with each other, regardless of whether they are friends, lovers, or colleagues. Let’s look at the relationships between the characters in the Great Gatsby novel.

It has long been the norm to accept that the rich have many friends, but when the money disappears, the friends also disappear after them. The Great Gatsby novel describes many rich people who take advantage of someone or use them. A perfect example is that Daisy married

Tom Buchanan

At first glance, it may seem that the characters have a rather warm relationship, but this warmth is easily destroyed by putting the slightest pressure on them. Daisy and Gatsby’s communication proved it. Then, Tom confessing that Gatsby is not an Oxfordian.

A good example in Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is when Nick visits Tom Buchanan’s house for the first time. Tom and Daisy aim to use Nick to show off their superiority. At the same time, Daisy Buchanan is using Nick to boost her self-esteem because she enjoys hearing about how much she is missed in her old town.

At the beginning of the Great Gatsby novel, Nick plays along with her and pretends to be interested, but when he sees her insincerity, he is disgusted and stops doing it. There was a moment in the novel when, around midnight, Tom Buchanan and Wilson stood face to face and argued about whether Mrs. Wilnos had the right to say Daisy’s name. Daisy and Tom have been in the community all this time.

Jordan Baker uses Daisy Buchanan’s finances and connections to help her live comfortably and in good standing in the community. Jordan Baker is very cunning and educated. At the same time, only Gatsby and Jordan use Nick to help Daisy and Jay reconcile. When Daisy saw the Long Island fishing village, she was shocked by the poverty of the people who lived there.

The characters in the Great Gatsby novel are very insecure, and this is confirmed by the fact that George lock Myrtle in himself, Tom Buchanan is using Myrtle Wilson for his pleasure, and Jay is trying to take advantage of Dan Cody’s kindness to help establish his new identity in society.

The plot describes moments that quietly echo Tom’s relationship. There was also a situation where Tom had an accident and collided with a truck, the girl who worked with him as a maid at the Santa Barbara hotel. In addition, there are often quarrels in Daisy’s marriage because she endures quarrels in public, and Tom marriage quotes say not to talk about marriage with strangers.

Nick is one character in the entire Great Gatsby novel who has sincere emotions and wishes for people’s happiness, unlike Gatsby and Daisy, who marrying Tom for the sake of profit. Even at the moment when Daisy pulls Nick for a cup of tea, he unknowingly goes with her.

Improving Students’ Understanding of the Heroes of the Great Gatsby

To become more familiar with the characters of the tragic love story Great Gatsby, students should conduct an in-depth analysis of any of the characters in the novel. As a result of such actions, students can easily understand the words and actions of certain characters, drawing their conclusions about them. You can conduct Tom marriage analysis for the exact concept of heroes.

For creative students, a great option would be to complete the task and write Daisy Buchanan’s diary based on the Great Gatsby novel, where the student will try to take her place in the novel and understand how she felt from the inside. Daisy and Gatsby’s communication is a good topic to think about. The Tom marriage description and George marriage analysis are well suited for reflection. Myrtle relationship analysis is also an interesting topic to think about.

It is also a practice to understand what is going on in the head of the heroine and tell about her as the main character, referring to the details of the tragic love story in the novel, analyzing Tom’s marriage quotes, or making a George marriage description. You can also parse the actual question of why George locks Myrtle in the bedroom when he finds out that she is going to arrange a fair and understand the thoughts and motives of the character, or do Jordan relationship analysis Nick.

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