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Essay on ‘Who Needs to Be Blamed for Romeo & Juliet’s death?’

Who Needs to Be Blamed for Romeo & Juliet's death

It is no wonder that Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular plays ever written. William Shakespeare’s tragic tale has been retold over and over again by different writers, directors, and producers. The story continues to be popular because it shows how two young people were deeply in love but separated by their families, who viewed each other as enemies. In addition, Romeo and Juliet are unique because both characters die at the end, giving them a sense of immortality as they live on in our hearts forever.

There is always someone to blame for bad things happening in the world. When reading William Shakespeare’s well-known play Romeo and Juliet, many individuals have different ideas regarding who is to blame for the famous tragedy. No one strikes as the apparent cause for their death.

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we find ourselves in a world where both main characters, Romeo and Juliet, commit suicide. Some critics believe Capulet was at fault, while others blame Paris or Friar Laurence. In addition, others question whether it was only Romeo at fault or whether he could have done anything differently if he had wanted to escape what was happening around him.

What to Start with?

The feud between the families in Verona had been going on for a long time. Still, other factors contribute to the two families’ hatred towards each other, including Romeo’s love for Rosaline or Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris out of her choice rather than being forced into it by her parents.

Should it be the interfering force? Friar Laurence or even Juliet’s parents? While many blame Romeo for the pair’s misfortune, others believe that Capulet was to be blamed for not saying a word to Paris about how his daughter was already married. Even though William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in such a way that both families are depicted as wrong, some believe Romeo’s family is more at fault than his lover’s.

For instance, Friar seems like he was an important person who could have prevented the lovers’ tragic end by marrying them before they got into trouble with Lady Capulet and Lady Montague. However, this would not have been attainable if he had not helped them when they were still living with each other’s parents because they would have been able to elope without any intervention from outsiders.

The initial reason for Friar Lawrence’s involvement in the tragedy is that he marries Romeo and Juliet. Despite being aware of the potential outcome, the Friar chooses to marry them. The Friar knows that getting married quickly might have several negative effects on the lovers, and he could face significant consequences if the two families learn about the marriage.

Romeo and Juliet had a stronger love because they were married, which gave them more motivation to commit suicide at the play’s end. The fact that Friar Lawrence instructs Juliet to use the sleeping remedy is another factor to consider. The Friar does not believe what can go wrong if he gives it to her.

Also, it wasn’t just these two but Lord Montague who should take responsibility for what happened. He could’ve prevented his son’s death by telling him how things were going down between both families before it escalated into something unmanageable.

Disagreements Between Warring Families

The rivalry between the Capulets and Montagues is at the heart of Romeo and Juliet’s story. In this play, we see how far people will go to honor their family name, even if it means causing pain for others.

It’s a longstanding family feud that extends over generations and includes everything from petty arguments to violent fights. Still, it also has political ramifications affecting the entire Verona city. The two families control a large portion of the city’s social and political power and want to continue expanding their influence over more people.

The Capulets and Montagues compete not just over resources like land or money but also for status in their community. If you’re seen as having the upper hand in your dispute with another family, it will bring you higher standing among other citizens of Verona. It was an important part of Italian society at that time: everyone wanted to be respected by everyone else in town.

The Roles of Mercutio and Tybalt

Mercutio and Tybalt are bright characters who work as foils to each other in the play, but they play dramatically different roles in this classic tragedy. They share an air of mystery about them, and their quickness to action marks them both as hot-headed characters.

Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel. To protect Romeo’s reputation, Mercutio intervenes. It is important to remember that despite being against the law, dueling was popular in William Shakespeare’s England. Young men, especially those from the aristocratic class, felt compelled to defend their honor and the honor of their friends and kin at all costs. Because of this obsession with glory, simple slights may easily escalate into deadly combat. Early modern England historian Lawrence Stone observes that “tempers were short and weapons easy to hand.”

However, Tybalt moves from the hostile territory into outright villainy when he kills Mercutio. When Tybalt kills Mercutio, he causes Romeo’s transformation from a passionate lover to a revenge-driven man bent on destroying anyone in his path. In this way, Romeo’s killing of Tybalt leads directly to Romeo’s banishment from Verona.

Mercutio is the provider of comic relief throughout the play. His language is always powerful and creative. Mercutio’s humor paints him as a reckless character who doesn’t think things through, so he starts a fight with Tybalt, ending in his death.

The Consequences of Romeo’s Actions

​​Romeo and Juliet is the most prominent love story in history. Unfortunately, it’s also a tragedy — not just because the two lovers die at the end. The story is full of doomed decisions and misunderstandings that lead to terrible consequences for Romeo, Juliet, and everyone around them. You might wonder how this could happen when so many people tried to stop it from happening. While some events occur beyond their control, others result from poor choices.

In the play, we see Tybalt and Romeo’s relationship as one of hate. Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel — an act punishable by death. However, when Mercutio arrives at the fight scene, he insults and provokes Tybalt even more, causing him to retaliate against Mercutio with his sword.

Before Romeo had an opportunity to react, Tybalt had already killed Mercutio. This event caused great calamity in Verona because it was an act of great dishonor for one family member to kill another.

Misunderstanding Between Romeo and Juliet

When Juliet finds out about Romeo’s exile, she is astonished. She decides to fake her death to flee and be with him, which is another surprising error of judgment. She doesn’t even wait to tell Romeo about her plan.

The stars are frequently mentioned in this drama as a symbol of destiny or the absence of human free will and control. These allusions confirm the notion that Romeo and Juliet had little control over the direction their lives would go in. Both their meeting and their demise were predetermined. The Prologue refers to the two main characters as “star-crossed lovers,” referring to couples destined by the stars.

Juliet poisons herself with the sleeping potion Friar Lawrence gave her to fake her death. Romeo fails to learn that Juliet is simply asleep because of the plague epidemic in Mantua. Instead, Romeo believes that Juliet is dead and runs to Juliet’s tomb and meets Paris there.

Romeo kills Paris and then commits suicide in Juliet’s tomb just before she awakens, giving in to the circumstances that have cast him in his tragic role. Juliet uses Romeo’s blade to stab herself after she discovers him dead. The lovers accept their fate by taking their own lives. They leave the world that has kept them apart at the same time.

When Montague and the Capulets enter the tomb, Friar Lawrence explains everything to them after discovering Romeo, Juliet, and Paris are all dead. After the Prince declares that “All are punished,” Capulet and Montague plan to put up golden statues of Romeo and Juliet. Finally, with a rhymed couplet, the Prince summarizes the entire play.

There are a bunch of things that need to be clarified now. “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” The Friar’s poor advice and all the misunderstandings that have occurred become clear. At this moment, everything that could go wrong does. Dramatic irony plays a significant role in building tension at this moment.

Shakespeare effectively created a tragedy that Sophocles defined; by the play’s conclusion, you feel a deep feeling of loss and sympathy for everyone involved. Early in the play, it is evident that the couple is destined by fate, and despite their best efforts, they are unsuccessful in their desperate battle with destiny.

What Conclusion Can We Make?

​​Romeo and Juliet’s death was caused by a mistake. William Shakespeare used this technique to see how similar Romeo and Juliet were and how different they were from their families. We also see what happens when people put too much pressure on someone else to conform to fit into society’s standards of what is right or wrong.

The conclusion we can draw from this play is that Romeo and Juliet are both too young to understand the consequences of their actions. As a result, they’re also too impulsive to think things through properly. Their love for each other is a fatal attraction because it brings them together and creates problems that lead to their deaths. This tragic love was inevitable because the two were so young and didn’t realize what they were getting into.

The play is full of complex issues. Romeo and Juliet are about love, hate, fate, and destiny. It’s also about family conflicts that caused the deaths of many people. This play can be read with many different conclusions because it has many important topics.

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