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Aug 17, 2020
How To Write An Argumentative Essay: Step By Step Guide

An argumentative essay is not the most common written assignments in modern schools: it is only assigned once or twice a year, but this assignment is complex enough to confuse even the most experienced students. However, when you know the basics of writing, you can even complete the task without the help of essay writing services.

When writing an argumentative essay, there are many things to consider. This type of written assignment requires more preparation and research than many other essay types, but the result allows you to demonstrate your whole scope of research and writing skills. With our “How to write an argumentative essay step by step” guide you will learn how to make an argumentative essay truly shine.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

Before we move on to learning how to write an argumentative essay, let’s answer an essential question: what is an argumentative essay? An argumentative essay is a written assignment where the author’s objective is to convince the audience that his opinion is correct by providing compelling arguments backed up by strong evidence.

An argumentative essay format is not that different from other types of essays you encountered in your academic career. However, some students believe that writing an argumentative essay is as easy as simply voicing your opinion. In reality, even though a personal opinion is an important part of the essay, it’s the arguments and evidence that make the work complete.

Descriptive vs. argumentative essay

If you look at any argumentative essay examples, you will easily realize that descriptive and argumentative essays are virtually impossible to confuse. Descriptive essays require the author to tell a personal story without any points to prove to the audience, while the sole purpose of an argumentative essay is to make as many readers as possible accept the author’s point of view as the right one.

What to Focus on when Writing an Argumentative Essay?

When learning how to write argumentative essay, it’s important to remember that the focus and most vital point of an argumentative essay is the argument itself. The rest of the paper, including the introduction, conclusion, and most of the body paragraphs, are simply there to set the context for the subject of the essay and offer support to the argument.

The argument of the argumentative essay is the backbone of the paper that holds it together. You will first state your main argument in the introduction of the essay and will then reference it several times in the paper, so make sure to make it clear, concise, and able to resonate with the audience.

Structuring an Argumentative Essay

If it’s not your first paper, you know that properly structuring your work is the first step to a successful essay. A good argumentative essay outline not only helps the readers navigate through your narrative, but also allows you to always stay on point even when your thoughts momentarily take you elsewhere. 

So how to structure an argumentative essay to make the right impression on your readers? A typical argumentative essay employs a 5-paragraph structure and contains an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Here is how to write a good argumentative essay.


If you are sitting down to write an argumentative paper for the first time, you are probably wondering: how to start an argumentative essay? The introduction to your argumentative essay is just one paragraph long, but it has a lot to do with how successful your paper is. The purpose of the argumentative essay introduction is to help the readers understand the concept of the subject and your position.

In the first paragraph of your argumentative essay, you will provide a brief background of the problem, how common it is, how old it is, and how well it has been researched. It’s best to pick one of the underresearched argumentative essay topics and tell your readers something new.

The final sentence of your introduction is the thesis statement. This is exactly where your main argument can be found. The thesis should be precise and clearly demonstrate your own attitude towards the subject of the paper.

Body paragraphs

There are three body paragraphs in a typical argumentative essay, and each of those paragraphs should offer a separate piece of reasons why you believe your argument is the correct one. Be careful not to reiterate the same point in different body paragraphs — that way, you won’t be able to paint a complete picture for your readers.

Each body paragraph of your essay should begin with a topic sentence. The topic sentence should introduce a new piece of support for your argument. You will then follow the topic sentence with various pieces of evidence: statistics, research results, examples, studies, and citations.

Wondering how to write an argumentative essay that will demonstrate your academic talent? Offer a counterargument at the end of each body paragraph and explain why you disagree with it using strong evidence supporting your point of view. When it comes to an argumentative essay, it’s always better to cover the subject from every angle.


A good conclusion to an argumentative essay will summarize everything that has been said in the previous paragraphs of the paper without offering any new ideas. Ideally, after reading your essay, the audience should get some food for thought and consider researching the topic further.

To make your argumentative essay conclusion even more memorable, you can include a personal story or make your writing more personal in another way. Readers usually respond well to those anecdotes and are likely to pay more attention to your writing.

Questions to Ask When Finishing Your Argumentative Essay

At the final stage of your writing process, it’s a good idea to give your essay a critical look to see what can be changed and improve about your writing to make it easier to prove your point to the audience. Use the following 5 questions to determine whether you did a good job with your argumentative essay or it still needs some work:

  1. Have I stated the argument and topic sentences clearly enough?
  2. Will it be easy for the readers to follow my writing flow or will they be confused?
  3. Have I chosen the appropriate wording and structure for my essay?
  4. Have I provided enough evidence support for my argument?
  5. How likely are the readers to be convinced in my point of view?

Final Tips from Our Writing Team

Now that you know how to start an argumentative essay and how to finish it with a bang, you probably feel much more confident in your own writing abilities. If you are still not sure you can write a convincing argumentative essay in limited time, let our essay writing service USA provide you with the help you need!