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How to Write a College Essay Outline

Developing an outline is a great way to organize your thoughts and ideas on your essay, no matter its type. And yet, not many students make use of this practice, as it seems like additional work to them. So, let’s start with answering the question: why should you create a college essay outline in the […]

How to Write an Essay Fast

How to Write an Essay Fast The essay is almost due and you haven’t even started yet? Your body just can’t stop procrastinating, while your brain is screaming helplessly in panic? Your procrastination even took you as far as to search how do you write an essay fast? Oh, the irony. Well, since you’re already […]

College Application Essay Format Guide

Every little detail is important when you’re applying to college, especially when it comes to college application essays. Your essay is probably the most personal part of the application that gives admissions officers a general idea of who you are. Naturally, if you don’t want to screw this up for yourself, the paper must be […]