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100+ Opinion Essay Topics for Students Who Want High-Flying Grades

Your next opinion essay is knocking at your door, and you must submit it on time to fetch excellent grades. However, your entire journey would be negatively impacted if you didn’t have the best topics to write about. 

Do you have challenges searching and finding the best opinion essay topics for students? No worries if finding an ideal topic is stressing you. We wrote this post to relieve you by offering sample topic ideas to inspire and shorten your search. Read on to discover easy opinion essay topics to inspire your next assignment. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Opinion Essay Topics

Interested in how to write an opinion essay well? Finding the best topics for opinion writing is the first step if you want to draft a paper that fetches excellent grades. But how do you choose an ideal topic to fire up your essay? We compiled ideas to help you select the most suitable topic for your paper. 

Evaluate Personal Interests and the Topic’s Relevance to Trends

Finding the right opinion essay topics for college students requires you to assess a potential topic’s relevance to your personal interest and personal interest. You must consider how much the topic interests you to research and write about it easily. Also, consider how much the topic resonates with the latest trends and developments on the ground.

Check for Resource Availability 

You also need to consider the availability of the necessary resources for writing your opinion paper. Otherwise, you might lack the necessary materials to back your ideas and thoughts. 

Define the Scope 

Good opinion topics should also fit your assignment’s scope. No matter how interesting and trending your topic is, you can have challenges if it doesn’t fit your paper’s scope. For instance, if you can only find 500 words to compose a paper when the scope is 800, you will be tempted to use fluff to satisfy your word count. Likewise, if your topic is too wide and requires more words to cover it fully, you could deny the reader the necessary information in order to avoid exceeding your word count. 

Top Public Opinion Essay Topics

Do you want good opinion topics to draft a public opinion essay? Here are sample good opinion writing topics to inspire you.

  1. The EU should classify mass depression as a public health crisis.
  2. Schools must assist parents in controlling their teenagers’ screen time.
  3. Fake news is quickly becoming a recipe for chaos.
  4. Can citizens trust their country’s voting system?
  5. America needs a military policy reform.
  6. The public transportation system is deficient in the United States.
  7. Mainstream media is no longer trustworthy.
  8. Allowing all citizens to own guns reduces insecurity.
  9. Is domestic violence becoming a national disaster?
  10. Abortion should be banned.
  11. Gay marriages must remain outlawed. 
  12. High education cost kills the American Dream.
  13. We have a hidden and deliberate agenda to destroy the family in the West.

Personal Opinion Essay Topics

Do you want to express your personal opinion on issues but don’t have good topics for opinion essays to kick-start you? Here are good opinion writing topics for your next paper.

  1. Homework occupies too much of students’ free time.
  2. Schools should reduce homework.
  3. Good rest is necessary for academic success.
  4. Students should stop using manual textbooks in class and embrace digital ones.
  5. School safety is getting more compromised.
  6. Modern businesses still need physical offices.
  7. Should the legal driving age be reduced?
  8. Do career women make poor mothers?
  9. Angry parenting negatively affects a child’s development.
  10. Social media significantly fuels depression amongst adolescents.

Opinion Essay Topics for College Students

Here are good opinion essay topics to inspire your next college opinion essay. 

  1. Are tuition fees a burdensome expense on students’ shoulders?
  2. Sex education shouldn’t be a part of the college curriculum.
  3. Is it ethical for college athletes to demand compensation for their work?
  4. How the celebrity deception is negatively influencing students’ body image.
  5. The pros and cons of studying abroad.
  6. The government should increase the legal drinking age.
  7. How does plagiarism destroy academic integrity?
  8. The advantages of joining a college fraternity.
  9. Sustainability efforts on college campuses don’t get deserved support and recognition.
  10. The benefits of internships for college students.

Easy Opinion Essay Topics

Your writing success starts with good opinion essay topics. Here are easy opinion essay topics to fire you up.

  1. Vegetarians are healthier than meat-eaters.
  2. Schools should have uniforms.
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of homework.
  4. Children must do household chores.
  5. Reading books improves academic abilities.
  6. Do emojis promote better expression in communication?
  7. Are group assignments better than personal ones?
  8. Social media promotes unrealistic lifestyles.
  9. Should schools include road trips in their curriculum?
  10. Smartphones should not be allowed in classrooms.

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Opinion Essay Topics for Middle School

As a mid-school student, finding the best opinion topics to write about shouldn’t bother you. Here are sample topics for opinion writing.

  1. Parents should stop helping their children immediately after they graduate from college. 
  2. The current drinking age should be increased to reduce alcoholism among young adults. 
  3. Should free speech be regulated?
  4. Is the government handling the HIV/AIDS pandemic effectively? 
  5. Social media makes people less social.
  6. Why is it that transmitting misinformation online is easier than spreading factual information?
  7. Money is a false measure of success.
  8. Comprehensive education isn’t better than work experience.
  9. Is quality universal healthcare possible?
  10. Does gun restriction boost or undermine overall national security?

Sports Opinion Topics for Your Inspiration

Below are excellent sample sports opinion topics for your next paper. 

  1. All colleges should hire professional coaches.
  2. Are athletes less prone to depression?
  3. Are gymnastics athletes more prone to eating disorders?
  4. Why are basketball players more vulnerable to racist discrimination?
  5. Water sports are safer than people initially thought.
  6. Doping is unethical and counterproductive.
  7. Proper nutrition is key to sporting success.
  8. Animal sports should be banned.
  9. Cheerleading should be considered a sport.
  10. Are professional athletes paid enough?

Savvy Technology Opinion Essay Topics

Here are excellent technology opinion essay topics for your next tech-savvy essay.

  1. The Industrial Revolution has no connection to climate change.
  2. How has the internet made the world a small village?
  3. The impact of E-commerce technology for small businesses.
  4. Computers are less intelligent than the human brain.
  5. Smartphone usage has made people socially less active.
  6. The dangers of robotics to the job market.
  7. The pros and cons of robotics in the health sector.
  8. How can the technology gap be bridged among nations?
  9. Gaming harms children’s overall development.
  10. Genetically modified organisms can’t combat the hunger crisis.

Funny Opinion Essay Topics

Do you want to bring the fun into your opinion paper? Here are funny opinion essay topics to kick-start you.

  1. Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.
  2. Video games don’t relieve stress and anxiety.
  3. Individual study is better than group study.
  4. Everyone should learn a second language.
  5. Celebrities are the worst role models.
  6. Fashion isn’t necessary for expressing individuality.
  7. Employees shouldn’t use social media at work.
  8. Career mothers are less happy.
  9. Democracy is a fallacy. 
  10. The rich should be taxed more.

Popular Public Opinion Topics

Do you want opinion essay ideas to write about in your public opinion essay? Here are unpopular opinion topics to help you in your writing journey.

  1. Social media promotes hateful behavior.
  2. Can a woman excel in her career and still be a good mother and wife?
  3. How can suicide rates among teenagers be reduced?
  4. The government should hire special cyber police officers to curb online crime.
  5. Victimless crime doesn’t exist.
  6. No technological advancement should be allowed to happen at the expense of people’s health.
  7. Parents should teach their children about sex.
  8. Gay couples should give birth to their own children and be banned from adopting other people’s children. 
  9. The government should ban all medicines that cause suicidal tendencies. 
  10. What are the pros and cons of zoos?

Nursing Opinion Essay Topics

Your next nursing opinion paper shouldn’t be a challenge because you lack great opinion paper topics. Here are inspiring sample topics for opinion essays.

  1. Should nurses work more or fewer hours?
  2. Nurses must not undergo special training as doctors.
  3. Are nursing functions more important than those doctors perform?
  4. Nursing specialists need international visas so that they can easily get jobs in any country.
  5. Are nurses more exposed to occupational health problems than doctors?
  6. Nurses should get the same salary amount as doctors.
  7. Why do we have more female nurses than males?
  8. What should governments do to encourage more men to become nurses?
  9. What could happen to healthcare if nurses were removed from hospitals?
  10. Nurses should earn more when they work at night than during the day.

Writing a great opinion essay requires you to find the best topic. To help you with your future papers, we carefully selected the opinion essay topics for college students. You can use them to compose papers across various niches. 

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