Aug 17, 2020
How To Write An Illustration Essay

An illustration essay is one of the most fascinating tasks you will ever have to deal with in your life as a student. The illustration essay format is very different from other essays you may have already written, but that’s exactly what makes it so interesting.

Writing an illustration essay requires you to have not only a very specific set of writing skills, but also a deep understanding of what is illustration essay and how to achieve success with this task. The professional writers of our top-rated essay writing service are ready to share how to write an illustration essay with you right now!

What is an Illustration Essay?

Before you learn how to start a illustration essay and how to make your paper shine, you should find out what is a illustration essay and how this type of essay is different from other written assignments you have completed before.

The easiest way to understand what is an illustration essay and its nature is to remember its other name — the example paper. An illustration essay is an explanation of the subject of the essay with the help of real-life examples and other methods to support your point.

An illustration essay is often confused with compare and contrast essays, as well as cause and effect essays. The main similarity between them is the presence of examples used as supporting evidence. However, in an illustration essay, you don’t need to prove anything — you only need to demonstrate your all-around understanding of the topic.

How to Write an Illustration Essay?

We finally move on to the most important part of our guide where you will learn how to write illustration essay like a pro. Take these steps to write the strongest illustration essay of your academic career.

1. Choose what to write about

In other words, you need to pick your illustration essay topic. Unless you were assigned a topic by your professor and have a free creative range to choose any topic you want, make sure you will write about something you personally find interesting.

However, successful illustration essay topics should also match the interests of the audience and possibly even the current state of the subject in society. Take an impartial look at your topic and decide whether it’s something you want to find more about.

2. Create an outline

Writing an illustration essay outline may be as important as crafting the rest of the essay. The outline of the illustration essay will serve as the foundation of the whole paper, which means it needs to be strong and thoughtfully written.

The first step in writing an illustration essay outline is defining the structure of the paper. If you have never written an illustration essay before, you will be relieved to know that its structure is actually pretty standard and contains an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

While preparing your illustration essay outline, you will also need to write down your ideas, opinions, and possible examples. Then you will need to find the strongest and most convincing ones and use them in corresponding parts of your paper.

3. Write your essay

After all the preparation and as soon as you have enough ideas and information to craft your essay, you can begin your writing process. Here is how to write an illustration essay in three stages.

  • Introduction

The job of the introduction to your illustration essay is to demonstrate why you chose to investigate this particular topic, why it needs further explanation, and what the readers will be able to take from it.

First, you need to present the relevant background information about the topic and the reasons why you believe it to be so important. The final sentence of your introduction is the thesis statement, where you set the groundwork for your research.

  • Body paragraphs

Each of the body paragraphs of your illustration essay will be dedicated to a separate idea supporting the point you outlined in the thesis statement. The standard number of body paragraphs for an illustration essay is 3, but you can go higher or lower than that, depending on how many ideas you want to write about.

An illustration essay is not a piece of research in its classical understanding, but you still need to rely not only on your personal experiences, but also on the facts you retrieve from the relevant scientific literature.

  • Conclusion

After you believe you investigated the topic of your essay from every possible point of view, it is time to finish writing your illustration essay with a powerful conclusion. Remember that your conclusion does not need to contain any new information — it only needs to summarize everything that has been said in the previous parts of the paper.

Tips from Our writers – Free Takeaways!

Knowing how to start an illustration essay and how to finish it is important for doing a good job with your essay, but only with the expert writing tips from our writers, you will be able to deliver the strongest illustration essay possible:

  • Filter out the information

If you dedicated enough time to thinking about the issues of the essay and studied enough relevant materials, you probably have lots of ideas and thoughts. However, not all of them should make it into the final draft of your essay simply because they can make the whole thing messy. You can use them for making your essay more convincing, but you should focus only on the three most essential points to make your paper concise.

  • Choose credible sources

An illustration essay is more personable than many other types of written assignments, but it should still be firmly based on respectable scientific literature and other credible sources. Using unreliable sources in your essay is a surefire way to lose some valuable points from your grade.

  • Transition words and phrases

To make your illustration essay not only informative, but also easily readable and place it on a higher level of academic writing, connect the different ideas in your paper using the right transition words and phrases, including “Similarly”, “To illustrate”, “For example”, and “As an illustration”.

Illustration Essay Sample

Seeing an illustration essay done by a professional writer will help you understand the proper way to write and format your paper even if it’s your first time working on an illustration essay. Check out the illustration essay sample written by one of our best writers!

Questions to Ask when Finishing Your Illustration Essay

Once you have written your paper and checked it for grammar and spelling, it is time to give the essay one final look to see whether its content matches your goals and expectations using the following 5 questions:

  1. Was I successful in choosing a topic that will resonate with the public?
  2. Does the content of my essay match the topic or is it somewhat irrelevant?
  3. Is my thesis statement strong enough and referenced in other parts of the paper?
  4. Have I provided enough credible information to support my points?
  5. Is my illustration essay able to convince the readers to change their opinion?

Final Tips from Our Writing Team

With the right illustration essay examples and writing tips, writing an illustration essay can be an interesting and rewarding task. However, sometimes you don’t have an opportunity to finish your paper on your own and start preparing for a failing grade and other negative consequences.

Luckily, there is no reason to get desperate if you can’t do your illustration paper on your own. Here, at possibly the best essay writing service in USA, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable writers who will do any assignment for you following the highest quality standards.