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What is Turnitin and How to Beat it Correctly?

how to beat turnitin

Turnitin Antiplagiarism is one of the world’s leading borrowing checker software. The system extends its influence to most countries, including such world powers as the USA, Canada, the EU states, etc. The Turnitin website is available in 18 world languages: English, Polish, German, Arabic, French, etc.

Today we will introduce you to this anti-plagiarism service and how beat Turnitin. We will tell you why the Turnitin program is the world’s leading program and what advantages and disadvantages it has. After reading our article, you will get an idea of ​​how Turnitin anti-plagiarism works, and you will find out what ways you can beat the Turnitin system.

Using Synonymizer Tool To Beat Turnitin

This method to bypass Turnitin is strongly not recommended for large pieces of text because it will turn out to be outright nonsense. But to raise the uniqueness by just a couple of percent may be sufficient. So, find a suitable program on the World Wide Web, enter a piece of text and get a processed piece, which will raise its uniqueness by a few percent!

Paraphrasing to Avoid Similarity When You Write New Unique Text

The first method allows you to cheat Turnitin anti-plagiarism test with a high percentage of originality. After all, you are practically rewriting your work again. You can completely change your text and still use a minimum of effort. You have to read parts of the text and retell them in your language. This is an especially suitable method to cheat Turnitin for those who copied large segments from other people’s work. It is enough for you to find these borrowings and state them as you understand yourself.

To make it easier for you, you can practice cheating Turnitin with someone. If you do poorly, the listener will begin to ask you leading questions, and you will be able to learn how to express your thoughts concisely and clearly. The retelling to cheat Turnitin method is good because you have already used it more than once.

Remember your school years when you were forced to write a summary or retell literary works you read. The simplest example is to convey a story heard from someone to friends or acquaintances in your language. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. The main thing is that you can capture the essence of the phrase and convey the general meaning.

Ordering an Original Work From a Profesional Writer or Rewriter

In addition to independent work, there is also an order for document rewriting to trick Turnitin right. You need to contact a site called a rewrite exchange or professional writing services to do this. There you can order the service by providing all the information, including the price of the work, the time to complete the task, and the conditions (what percentage of uniqueness should be in the result). Thanks to this method to cheat Turnitin, you can increase the originality of the text relatively quickly and easily.

We offer you additional secret advice to cheat Turnitin right. For your rewrite to be of high quality, offer to complete the order for graduates, undergraduates, or graduate students of your faculty. It is also best to contact a professional essay writing service with educated writers. Thus, you will receive the help of a specialist and not just a freelancer. Your work will be able to pass the uniqueness test and receive praise from the supervisor.

Rewrite Method

The way to cheat Turnitin, which perfectly increases the uniqueness of the text, is rewriting the text or Changing words and sentence structure to cheat Turnitin. This method is suitable for those who like to edit or proofread their work. Your task is to rewrite parts of the text so that the content of the text does not change, but its external expression becomes different.

Let’s try to be more specific. The rewrite method offers you different ways to change the text, but its meaning should remain the same. The means used in rewriting are numerous, for example, the replacement of synonyms. You can independently or using the Internet, select synonyms for almost every word to cheat Turnitin.

However, there is an automatic selection performed by the synonymized program to trick Turnitin. This application is also available for free. If you decide that you need the program’s help, then be sure to check the text after processing. After all, the program can violate the semantic value of the work and spoil the logical connection between sentences.

There is also a paraphrase method. A similar way to retell the text is to cheat Turnitin. Only here it is necessary to retell the phrases in the text, and you can also rearrange the words of the sentence among themselves. This method is especially effective when used frequently.

You can use shortening and expanding sentences. You can add your comments to different text parts or remove some sentences altogether to trick Turnitin. However, keep an eye on the length of your document. Your supervisor should tell you the optimal number of pages.

Methods That Don’t Work

The online translator method is presented in two versions, but in any case, this is not a reliable way to increase the uniqueness and cheat Turnitin. In the first case, you can increase the independence of your text if you use the foreign press. Translate the title of the subject of your research or scientific work into a foreign language. If you can’t do it yourself, use an online translator. Pay attention to the publication date. So that the anti-plagiarism Turnitin cannot expose you, you need to choose fresh articles. It is better if their term of placement on the site is no longer than six months.

Do not use the following tricks to trick Turnitin:

  • Rearrangement of the members of the proposal in places. You can’t deceive the program this way: the developers have long set up tools to search for rearranged words.
  • Rearranging paragraphs or sentences. The same works for repositioning sentences and paragraphs. Think about shingles, repeating consecutive words, etc. The program is not interested in the sequence of sentences but in their content.
  • Gluing or splitting offers. Some try to artificially combine separate sentences or break a complex sentence into simple ones. We say right away: it will not work!
  • Change punctuation marks. Commas, dots, dashes, colons. The program does not care what punctuation marks are in the text. It only counts words.
  • Change the text background. Some students supplement the main text with various nonsense, which they then simply paint over with white (they change the color of the font, so the text is not visible). This attempt is immediately doomed to failure since when copying and pasting all the text into the area for checking for anti-plagiarism, all text is displayed, even invisible.

Understanding How Turnitin works

New sections are available in the English version of the site, such as higher education, secondary education, society, and help. To take a closer look at the site, you can use the browser’s online translator, which automatically offers to translate the page into Russian. You won’t find much information here. For example, how did the company start? Who are its founders? What sources does the anti-plagiarism Turnitin use, and which specific universities does he cooperate with? It is only important that the site presents the clear beliefs of the company’s developers.

The Turnitin system appeared more than 20 years ago in America. In 1998, the Internet era was still in its infancy, and some universities had already begun to install anti-plagiarism. Advance, the media company that now owns Turnitin, is making huge profits every year as the world’s top universities license this anti-plagiarism program to create great publicity for the Advance subsidiary.

After all, Turnitin anti-plagiarism is actively being introduced into schools in a dozen countries worldwide. In total, about 15 thousand educational institutions use this system. Answering the question of what is Turnitin’s anti-plagiarism, in simple terms, we can say that this is one of the most popular and well-known systems used in various educational and publishing institutions.

Systems used by Turnitin to scan plagiarism

To understand how Turnitin anti-plagiarism works, we will present the tasks and principles of this program. On the one hand, Turnitin is trying to instill ethical morality in people from school. So that students do not use borrowed materials, respect the work, and write only in their language.

On the other hand, the Turnitin database contains billions of documents that have been checked in this anti-plagiarism system. More than 45 billion sources, including free access to the Internet, closed scientific journals, national libraries of different countries and cities, databases of scientific works at various universities, etc.

The principle of operation of the anti-plagiarism system Turnitin is based on the shingle step. According to the company’s founders, a bunch of 3 words is used to analyze and search for borrowings. In any phrase, the program selects three lexical units in a row and scans all documents for the presence of such a link.

The percentage of uniqueness can often be underestimated, but the developers of the anti-plagiarism program themselves insist that each work, after checking the uniqueness, was viewed by the teacher. After all, the borrowed part can be just a general statement used in many works to entrain the volume. However, the Turnitin system is constantly evolving. Company offices are located worldwide, and the staff of program developers is constantly growing.

Thus, the risk of getting an underestimated percentage of originality is small, but it exists. We can give advice: use as little water as possible in your work, or use the ways to cheat Turnitin anti-plagiarism.

Check text in Tournitine. How to Use This Service?

To check the text in Turnitin Anti-plagiarism, you must have access to one of the integration LMS systems. Therefore, a warning will appear if you go to the “create an account” section. Your best bet is to create an account for free checking.

If you have an ID number, which must be provided to you by the place of study, you will be able to enter the Turnitin system. Then you will need to log into your distance-learning account, where you can complete the assignment prepared by your teachers. The instruction will be provided orally (by the teacher) and visually (tips will be placed for each action within the application).

When you upload your document, it is automatically checked for plagiarism. If there are borrowings in your work, then in the right corner of the screen, you will be presented with all the sources and the percentage of materials taken from them. In the text itself, the copied parts will be highlighted in different colors, which will need to be changed in order to hang up the percentage of uniqueness.

Thus, it is not difficult to check the text of Turnitin Antiplagiarism. The cheat Turnitin system is a difficult task, but we will prove everything is possible and tell you what methods will allow you to bypass the Turnitin program.

Final Words

You have just reviewed the world-famous Turnitin anti-plagiarism system. We found out that this service has earned immense popularity in many countries over its long existence. Its source database contains billions of documents. Nevertheless, some ways help cheat Turnitin’s anti-plagiarism and increase the uniqueness of the text.

You can also order a unique work on our service. After filling out the application, you will receive high-quality work in a short time.