Honor Code

EssayUSA’s Honor Code shows our immense support for academic integrity and exceptional academic standards in our essay writing service.

The Honor Code is a written expression communicating the expectations of freelancers, businesses, and learners from our writing company. We also demonstrate our commitment to preserving high academic standards by ensuring quality writing and corporate integrity. Our service is dedicated to upholding ethical values to preserve knowledge creation and distribution.

EssayUSA’s Honor Code

Our EssayUSA platform strictly prohibits activities that facilitate unethical behavior in the academic field. These include cheating, fraud, and obtaining illegal degrees and grades. We don’t accept actions that compromise academic integrity.

We Strongly Oppose:

EssayUSA has strict regulations that prevent freelance writers from impersonating students and sitting for their tests and exams. Additionally, freelancers should not engage in unethical practices such as cheating, plagiarism, or any activity that might breach the learners’ college, university, or school academic policy. Our company will end the contract with freelancers who facilitate academic cheating intentionally.

Below are unacceptable practices in our platform:

  • Requesting or offering unauthorized external help with academic projects.
  • Presenting or using another person’s work as your own without full acknowledgment.
  • Assuming or taking the character or identity of a student to act on their behalf for any intent.


Our essay writing service has strict policies that prevent corporate fraud or violation. We don’t support users engaging in illegal activities or dishonest academic practices. If we find any proof that a freelancer is engaging in academic illegalities, the company will cut ties with them completely.

Messages to Interested Parties 


EssayUSA knows the plight of college students regarding academics. The constant pressure to perform and time constraints can weigh on students. Nevertheless, violating your university’s policy is not worth the risk. You might jeopardize your academic future and career life.

It is unacceptable for students to use the EssayUSA website to conduct fraudulent activities or break any school’s policies.

Students are prohibited from presenting academic materials they get from professional writers as their work.


EssayUSA permits users from all academic levels to obtain proficient writing help from competent authors in specialized fields. But remember that illegal academic practices are strongly forbidden on the EssayUSA website.

The EssayUSA platform doesn’t permit business representatives to conduct illegal activities.

The company doesn’t tolerate business representatives who facilitate any type of academic activity.

Teachers and Schools

Our company is aware of your tireless effort to ensure students and the entire institution adhere to academic policies. We are dedicated to helping you maintain academic integrity in terms of openness and usefulness.

As professionals in the academic field, we strongly encourage users to report any form of Honor Code breaches.


Through the EssayUSA platform, you can access opportunities to present yourself to clients, employers, and academic institutions as a professional writer.

You are required to abide by the following academic standards as a freelancer using the EssayUSA platform:

It is strictly forbidden for freelancers to instigate or participate in occurrences that infringe on college or business standards.

List of Forbidden Task Requests

  • Writing forged reports – academic or financial.
  • Creating curriculum vitae with fake information – job experience or professional qualification.
  • Making any type of official documents.
  • Writing academic work like research projects or term papers for students to present as their original work.
  • Incorporating false data or wrong citations.
  • Taking a student’s identity for any purpose.
  • Preparing dissertations, theses, or other academic papers for students.
  • Other actions that infringe on corporate policies or college regulations.

Make sure you urgently report any dealings that don’t align with the Honor Code.

Guideline to Report Violation 

Pick the violation option below that you want to report.

  • Academic dishonesty and cheating

We don’t accept requests or offer pre-written educational materials to students. Or pretend to be a student with the intention of exam or test taking.

  • Plagiarism

We don’t tolerate presenting another person’s work without fully acknowledging the source.

  • Illegal practices

Freelancers are prohibited from engaging in actions that infringe on the agency’s rules and policies.

  • Hostility and hatred

Freelance professionals are not permitted to share public information that encourages hostility, hatred, threats, or harassment.

  • Information Privacy

We don’t permit freelance authors to solicit private data from students. For instance, bank account details, login details, or other private data.

  • Other

Please pick this option if the violation you want to report is not found above.