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College Application Essay Format Guide

college application essayEvery little detail is important when you’re applying to college, especially when it comes to college application essays. Your essay is probably the most personal part of the application that gives admissions officers a general idea of who you are. Naturally, if you don’t want to screw this up for yourself, the paper must be perfect in every possible aspect: topic, structure, vocabulary or formatting. Want to show them that you know how to write a college-level essay? Then good college essay format is a must: it shows that you’re attentive to details and care enough to write well. So, how to write college application essay and how to format a good college essay? Here are some tips on the proper college essay format that will make your application look impressive and eye-catching!

How to Format a College Essay Application on Macro Level?

First, let’s start with some broad formatting concerns many students face while writing an admission essay. How to start a college application essay the right way? Is there some winning structure that will make your essay look exceptional? Should you use templates for your college essay format? Hopefully, these tips will answer your questions on how to format a college admissions essay in terms of structure!

  • Always use a hook sentence

It’s probably one of the most underestimated tips on how to write a great essay. Your paper should always begin with a “hook” that will interest the committee and grab their attention. A killer “hook” for the college application essay format includes an engaging question, a deep thought or a strange fact.

  • Feel free to play with the structure

Don’t bother looking for a secret on how to format a college application essay structure the best way, because there is none. In fact, a great thing about admission college essay format is that you can play with structure all you want. You are free to choose how to format a personal essay for college so that it reflects your personality and writing style. The only things you absolutely must have though are introduction and conclusion, but everything in between is up to you.

  • Stick to the word count

It’s a general rule on how to format a college admission essay, yet many students fail to follow it. Remember, if you can’t follow simple requirements, the committee will think that you are not attentive, mature and responsible enough. That’s why, when choosing how to write a college application essay format right – always check your word count. MS Word is an especially good choice for those who want to know how to format a college scholarship essay. It lets you check your spelling, word count, and everything else you need to follow proper college essay format.

  • Avoid using templates

You’ve probably seen many templates on how to write a college scholarship essay – format, structure, winning topics and so on. Well, it’s great if you read them for inspiration, but using them as guidelines is a really bad idea. Don’t just copy unoriginal college essay format from other students, the admissions committee has already seen it all. Instead, use those templates as fuel for your own ideas on how to format an essay for college so that it conveys your personal style.

How to Format a College Essay Application on Micro Level?

Hopefully, tips above were helpful enough for you to learn how to format a college entrance essay in terms of structure by now. Then, it’s time we get to those little details that can make or break your overall college essay format. Usually, you can submit your essay two different ways: paste it into a text box, or attach as a document. That’s why you need to know how to format a college application essay for online submission both ways.

  • If you attach a document: Check the formatting requirements

Always check requirements on acceptable college essay format to know how to write a college paper for a particular institution. If they don’t have any, don’t panic about how to write a college essay – format for font and margins is pretty standard anyways. Just use one-inch margins all around and make sure pages are double-spaced, so it looks nice and easy to read. The best fonts for college essay format are Times and Arial, usually 12 pt. You might also want to add heading with page numbers and application ID, but that’s optional for college essay format.

  • If you copy-paste into a text box: Make sure everything transfers over

Always remember how to write a college admission essay: format, fonts, and paragraph spacing usually get messed up in a text box. If you have to format like bold or italics, you’ll probably lose it too, so just don’t use it at all. And, most importantly, make sure that your essay wasn’t cut off during transfer, as that happens a lot.

Well, we hope these tips did help you learn how to properly format a college essay to make it look nice and tidy. And if not, don’t worry! At Essay USA we know everything about college essay format and are ready to help you anytime.