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Custom Paper Writing Services

There is a widespread opinion that students need to spend no more than an hour writing each day. However, a typical academic assignment requires a lot more time and dedication. Students state they spend from nine to 15 hours on a single project.

Assuming that you need to do other disciplines, spend time in college, return home, go to the library, you may not have enough time to complete all your assignments in time. After all, you have to rest, spend time with friends, parents, and your significant other. Otherwise, you will quickly burn out.

It is a state of ultimate exhaustion when you lack the energy to take care of yourself, let alone wreck your back and eyes in front of your PC scribbling papers. Thus, if you feel exhausted and irritated all day long, and the burning deadlines roast your back, you can stop this torture.

We are dedicated to helping you get the highest marks for writing tasks, delivering you error-free, well-structured, well-researched, and authentic custom essay writings.

What benefits will you get from ordering a paper on our site? Check them below:

Benefits of Using Our Custom Writing Service

You Will Get More Free Time

By addressing a custom writing agency, you will delegate some academic assignments to professionals. Thus, you will get your free time back. Indeed, spending so many hours on writing is super exhausting. It drains your vital energy. What is more, it discourages you from learning new things. Thus, when you are sick of studying, you start looking at all those books with sincere disgust.

Moreover, most students believe they get too many academic writing tasks. They have to spend days researching, drafting, and getting a low grade in the end. In contrast, a writing service will deliver a winning assignment to you. You need to two only two things: make an order and wait for the delivery. Therefore, you will get the job done within the deadline, without dropping tears on your keyboard. What about the free time you will get by delegating academic assignments? You can spend these 15 hours on whatever you want.

You Won’t Need a Writing Talent to Get High Grades

Someone loves writing. Some people have an entire universe of ideas in their minds, which they translate into captivating stories. They love writing and searching for an online library or publication on the 10th Google results page.

In the end, they craft impeccable essays suitable for being an example to follow. But someone lacks writing talent. These people can become perfect writers. However, they have to apply a tremendous amount of effort, time, and tears to match the gifted. If you belong to the hard gainers of academic writing, why should you suffer so much to get the desired grade? What if your major is civil engineering?

In this case, you can refer to our expert writers who will bring you desired grades and boost your academic record. You don’t need to be a professional writer to succeed in academic writing. By purchasing custom writing projects from us, you will boost your marks, no matter whether you have writing talent or not.

You Will Invest in Your Future Career

By delegating writing assignments to dedicated writers, you will invest in your future career. It’s a truth most of us need to accept. Think of it: you are earning a degree in dental medicine, but you have to write a comparative essay on Shakespeare’s plays.

Will you spend eight hours crafting an essay or studying microbiology? Sure, you will choose the latter. But your grades also depend on such unnecessary writing assignments that steal your precious time. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone by purchasing an essay: have time for YOUR discipline and preserve a high GPA.

Thus, an investment in a writing service is a wise decision anyway. You will provide yourself with enough time and energy for mastering disciplines and skills that will help you succeed in your future career.

Our Custom Writing Service Guarantees

High Quality

We understand your needs like nobody else. All students who address writing services want to get superlative papers that will bring them high grades. They have no time for elaborating on the delivered paper. We understand that you want to pay for an essay, get it, send it to your tutor, and forget about academic writing till the next assignment.

Fortunately, you can satisfy all your needs by placing an order on our site. Thus, we ensure the superior quality of completed orders.

We have a dedicated team that works all day all night (literally) to give students quick hustle-free solutions to their academic writing challenges. We don’t give empty promises. Instead, we help you succeed at an affordable price. Thus, our words have real value- we have completed over 89,000 academic papers.

Furthermore, we have a 95.5% satisfaction rate formed from thousands of testimonials left by our happy customers. Therefore, you can order an essay on our site without hesitation if you need academic help.

Plagiarism-Free Papers

Plagiarism is an academic crime that can do irreparable damage to your academic record. In some cases, it can lead to expulsion from your alma mater. We know your concerns. To cheer you up, we affirm that you will get original assignments only. Otherwise, we would not make it to become the leading custom writing service.

How do we prevent plagiarism? First, our writers are committed to delivering authentic papers from scratch. We don’t use pre-written materials, nor do our writers copy-paste essays from the web. Our professionals develop original ideas, research tons of literature, and gather data from dozens of authoritative statistics sources. Thus, our writers do what your professors expect from you: research and wrap your findings into a literary masterpiece.

Thanks to this approach, we bring authentic papers. Nonetheless, writing an essay from scratch is far from enough to achieve 100% originality. But what is enough? You have to use plagiarism checkers to ensure complete authenticity.

We also understand this. That is why our experts use plagiarism prevention solutions to eliminate matching content. If some sentences and phrases are considered plagiarism, our authors exclude any matches to internet pages.

Furthermore, our editors examine each piece of writing for plagiarism before a customer can download it. Thus, each essay, research paper, or dissertation chapter undergoes several plagiarism checks.

On-Time Delivery

Meeting deadlines is crucial because you will get super stressful penalties if you fail them. Thus, your tutor can give you a lower grade for the impeccable essay because you delivered it three days after the deadline.

We must prevent such situations. By ordering an assignment from us, you will get it by your deadline or earlier. How do we achieve this? First, our content and editorial teams work in shifts, allowing you to order even the most urgent assignment and receive it on time.

Second, we have adjusted all our operations for utmost efficiency:

  • You post an order on our site.
  • We instantaneously assign a writer to your order. Since our writer’s team is pretty extensive, we always have an author ready to accept your task.
  • Once a writer accepts your project, they start working on it right away.

Finally, our writers work in a competitive environment. We have a sophisticated performance rating system that evaluates the number of completed assignments, compliance with deadlines, quality of each paper, etc. Thus, the better the writer’s performance is, the more rewards they get. Therefore, a combination of these approaches allows us to deliver assignments of exceptional quality on time.

Best Custom Writing Solutions For Smart Students

24/7 Support

Our customers are our treasure. That is why we provide round-the-clock customer help. Thus, you can contact our customer support department via email and phone. Most importantly, we have a live chat that works 24/7 to ensure instant support at whatever time you need it.

What is more, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Any Discipline, Assignment, or Academic Level

Are you afraid that we can’t handle your discipline? There is no need for you to hesitate because we feature over 80 fields of study, from English literature and accounting to earth science and pharmacology. Besides, we provide more than 30 assignment types, from admission essays to dissertations.

Finally, you can choose any academic level − high school, undergraduate, and graduate students are welcome.

Money-Back Guarantee

We have always aimed at risk-free custom writing solutions for students. Thus, you can claim your money back if you are dissatisfied with our services. We provide complete and partial refunds for all students. What is more, you can claim the compensation even for the orders in progress. For more information, you can visit our terms of use page.

Free Corrections

Did you notice a mistake or some discrepancies with your initial paper guidelines in your essay? We guarantee free corrections for all papers. If you consider that your task requires revisions, you can always ask your writer to make them.

Need Custom Essay Writings? Make Your Order Now!

If you need original, high-quality papers at reasonable prices, you can order them on our EssayUSA website. We will provide you with a solution to any assignment, subject, or difficulty level.

Besides, you can receive a paper within three hours. Thus, you can meet the shortest deadlines. We guarantee exceptional quality, 100% originality, and, most importantly, the highest grades. Hence, hesitate no more and place your custom writing order right now.


Professional Writers

We know that academic writing is a challenging subject that requires a professional approach. We also know that you want to receive a paper from English native writers. Since we have always been dedicated to our customer’s needs, we apply a unique approach to bringing new people to our team. Not every person can follow tens of formatting requirements and adjust their writing to an academic style. Thus, we work with professional native English experts with substantial experience in academia.

Due to this, professors, teachers, Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders comprise our writer’s team. These people know how academic writing tastes and what it takes to write a dissertation.

Our writers have decades of experience and thus can handle academic writing projects of any complexity, including dissertations. What is more, our 1,400 professionals have expertise in different disciplines. It allows you to order from English essays to aviation and physics papers.

How do we select the writers for our team? First, we check the educational background. Our ideal applicant is a doctoral degree holder who can provide us with their publications’ portfolio. However, proper education is not enough. Each of our candidates has to deal with several challenges during the application. Here they are:

  • Multiple English tests.
  • Formatting tests.
  • Time-bound writing assignments.

Our candidates have to go through this obstacle line with the highest results. They demonstrate their language, formatting, research, and time management skills by doing all these tasks. They have to show impressive performance while maintaining impeccable writing quality.

Dedicated Quality Assessment Team

Some essay services try to save money on quality. We don’t. After all, the superior quality of assignments is our ultimate goal. That is why we have a dedicated editorial team that checks papers and essays before their submission. Here is how our quality assessment team works:

  1. A writer completes an assignment and sends it to an editor.
  2. An editor checks the paper.
  3. The editor allows the writer to submit the task to the customer’s dashboard if everything is okay.
  4. If there are any mistakes, the editor asks the writer to correct them.

Our editors check grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, plagiarism, and consistency of writing. We make sure each essay is unique, well-researched, consistent, and easy-to-read. Our editorial team also checks whether an order meets all the customer’s requirements. Thus, we ensure the highest quality of every piece of content.

Our Essay Writers

Xavier Blasco Ferragud
F. Xavier Blasco Ferragud, born in Paris (1966), has received the Industrial Engineering degree (1991) and PhD in Industrial Engineering (1999) at the Universitat Politènica de València (UPV) - Spain. In 1992 he has received the Diplome de Spécialisation en Génie Electrique at the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (SUPELEC) in France. Since 1994, he has taught at the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation at the UPV. He is currently a Full time professor. His research work is developed in the Institute of Automatic Control (ai2 - UPV). His research interests are divided between the model-based predictive control, evolutionary optimization and multi-objective optimization applied to engineering and, in particular, dynamic modeling and process control.
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Brian Morris
Brian Morris is a nutritionist, gym coach, and a writer. He is an English native speaker. He also speaks German on an intermediate level. After graduation, Brian has applied for the nutritionist position. He consults people on balanced diets, losing weight, and gaining muscle. In 2001, Brian has received a fitness trainer certificate. He established a fitness blog, dedicated to specifics of weight training and muscle growth. Currently, Brian is studying muscle growth potential in the state of caloric deficit in people new to weight training.
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Dennis Hall
Dennis is a researcher and a writer. Dennis Hall has received his Ph.D. in English Literature at the University of Huddersfield, UK, in 2000. He is an English native speaker. He also speaks Latin on a pre-intermediate level and French on an intermediate level. Dennis was obsessed with English literature during the school years, which shaped his future career. Dennis continued developing his doctorate research of Hemingway’s heritage after completing the Ph.D. program.
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Amanda Dudley
Amanda Dudley is a lecturer and a writer. She has received her Ph.D. in History at Stanford University in 2001. After receiving the doctoral degree, Amanda decided to continue her educational career at the university. Amanda has always been striving to help students. Since 2001, she began to conduct lectures on American and world history for graduates and undergraduates.
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Edward Roth
Edward is a project manager, sociologist, and a writer. He has received his Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin in 2012. Similar to most of his colleagues, Edward continued studying cultures and societies. Since 2012, Edward started researching cultural aspects of social unrest and the development of protest movements during the Great Depression. However, lately, Edward ceased the scientific career and devoted all his attention to management.
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Amelia Brown
Amelia Brown is a biologist and a writer. She has received her Ph.D. in Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1997. After having received the Ph.D., Amelia has studied tropical biology and biodiversity of species in tropical environments, particularly in the Amazon rainforest. She used to conduct scientific activity in Brazil, researching and classifying spider species in the early 2000s.
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