Nov 17, 2022

Expository Essay Topics

Expository Essay Topics

When giving an assignment, a teacher always indicates what type of writing they want you to work on. It may be necessary to provide arguments to convince your reader, express your attitude to the problem, or perform research and share the results. But if you have to explain to your reader all the concepts, principles, or issues guiding them step-by-step through the process, you are dealing with expository writing. In this case it is important to choose the right expository essay topic.

What Is the Expository Essay?

An expository essay is one of four writing styles aiming to expose truthful and credible information concerning the described issue or topic. According to the structure, it may be directed at the comparison, written as a process essay, or targeted at cause and effect analysis. Such writing does not require your personal opinion or attitude to the described issue. Instead, you have to expose facts and observations to deliver to the reader all the required information to grasp the essence.

Remember that in your expository essay writing, you should not persuade or impose your own beliefs or opinion wishing to persuade the reader. Your task is to educate the learner by giving them all the facts to conclude. However, there is no ban on using narrative, descriptive, or other forms of writing to make your writing more exciting.

Expository Essay Topics: How to Choose the Right One?

All of us have been in a situation when we decided to buy a book because of the engaging title but, in the middle, realized that it was not worth our attention. Or started reading a blog or article to find out claimed information but did not discover anything unknown or exciting. Why? Because of the successful topic.

Thinking over the expository essay topic for your writing, you should bear in mind some information and consider our advice.

  • Choose the topic according to your interests. Excited author – excited readers!
  • Know what you write. Do not take issues that are unfamiliar to you not to waste time on additional studies.
  • Do not select broad topics not to be tedious.
  • Do not try to convince your reader with your expository essay topics.
  • Investigate urgent and actual themes to cover in your case. Do not be out of date.

Since the success of expository essays depends on the topic, feel free to re-read your heading, trying to understand the essence and its goal.

Writing Tips for Expository Essay

Writing an expository paper, you must be aware of certain issues to get higher grades corresponding to all the requirements. So, like any other type of academic writing, there is a definite structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. However, you should be careful with some peculiarities:

  • Clarify your thesis statement in the introduction.
  • Provide effective arguments to support your statement.
  • Make transitions between paragraphs.
  • The ideal structure is a five-paragraph essay (introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion).
  • Restate the thesis statement and conclude in the final section.
  • Do not provide new facts in the conclusion.
  • Use comprehensive language and avoid or explain terms in your expository essay.
  • Choose a creative and relevant topic.

Since the topic is crucial for any writing, serving as a hook or face of your paper, think twice before making the final decision. Remember to outline before making a draft of your essay. So, you will be aware of the details and be sure of all the evidence and facts to support your statements and their logical presentation. Take some notes according to the structure-based plan of your expository essay and sort out all the data you will use. Moreover, check your writing several times before submission to notice spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

Winning Topics for Your Expository Essay

Remember that only actual and catchy headings may grab the reader’s attention when looking for good expository essay topics. So, when inventing a winning issue for your expository essay, try to be creative and refrain from using cliches that we can meet in any other relevant writing. Instead, we offer to your attention a list of topics that will be noticed.

  1. Impact of social media on the perception of reality by children.
  2. Results of black holes studies.
  3. The most effective alternative resources. Spending and profit.
  4. Ways to overcome addiction to video games and social networks in children and teenagers.
  5. The impact of virtual reality on the unformed psyche.
  6. The evolution of fashion trends and issues that are transferred from the past.
  7. Revolution in cancer treatment and prevention.
  8. Development of means of communication during the last 100 years.
  9. New professions that became in demand today.
  10. Non-standard and standard ways to overcome postnatal depression.

Interesting Expository Essay Topics

We should consider our audience’s interests when thinking about expository writing topics. It will not cause admiration in young learners if your issue is connected to detailed scientific research or vice versa. Moreover, invent a topic for your expository essay that will involve a recent study to make it exciting. Remember to provide facts and credible information, and try to give only the brightest data to back your essay.

  1. How to define and overcome depression without outside help.
  2. What factors have a negative impact on Coronavirus 19 spread and growth?
  3. How to overcome fast food addiction?
  4. Long-term effect of global warming: Results and consequences for future generations.
  5. How to solve the problem of homeless pets?
  6. The greatest inventions of humanity: Good and bad.
  7. The process of electronic music creation.
  8. How are nuclear weapons made?
  9. How do modern technologies simplify our life?
  10. Diseases of the current generation and ways of treatment.

Unusual Topics for an Expository Essay

Select a less popular topic among other speakers or writers to surprise and impress your reader. Bring some new and fresh notes on the typical themes you usually discuss. You may also try to apply a non-standard look at the same problem or offer to pay attention to additional research or an unusual approach to common issues.

  1. Art therapy is a method of mental disorder treatment.
  2. How can mass media control human minds? Who is more prone to be under the impact?
  3. How to define an IQ of a person without conducting tests?
  4. What robots cannot replace human activities?
  5. Is there a place for alternative medicine in the age of modern technologies?
  6. Do children inherit the mental abilities of their parents?
  7. How to increase the productivity of office workers?
  8. The impact of GMOs on the human genome.
  9. New forms of addiction and ways to prevent them?
  10. Why do weather-sensitive people feel weather changes?

Philosophical Topics for an Expository Essay

When students wish to develop philosophical ideas in their expository essay writing, they should choose a good topic. Since an expository essay does not presuppose convincing others, your topic must be turned to expose information that makes people think and turn into a philosophical mood.

  1. Effectiveness of communication with mentally ill people.
  2. How can mass media control our consciousness?
  3. What beneficial effect does marijuana have on people suffering from incurable diseases?
  4. How can uncontrollable gaming impact the human nervous system?
  5. Signs of mental disorders in nonverbal behavior.
  6. What are the limits of our memory?
  7. Do horoscopes predict the truth, or are they self-hypnosis matter?
  8. Placebo effect episodes in medical cases.
  9. What skills are essential for the modern generation?
  10. Impact of higher temperatures due to global warming on people’s productivity.

What Topics Are Good for High School Students?

When studying in high school, students are halfway to a grown-up life. So, they can discuss essay topics that will interest both adults and children. But the role of education, hobbies, and love prevails. Sometimes, they need help deciding what topic to choose to have sufficient information and be keen on the writing process. They may appeal to our sample expository essay topics in such a case.

  1. What are the basic skills required for living independently from parents?
  2. What is the right age to define a future career?
  3. How do hobbies affect career choice?
  4. Influence of social networks on quality of life communication.
  5. Is it possible to live a day without a mobile phone for teenagers?
  6. Signs of gaming addiction.
  7. How to find a common language with your parents?
  8. Why do teenagers rely more on their friends than on their parents?
  9. What are the reasons for suicide in teenagers?
  10. Who should speak about sex with teenagers ― parents or teachers?

Excellent Topics for an Expository Essay in College

College years are when students feel grown enough to solve global problems and participate in world saving. Their expository topics may cover various topics, from routine questions to high matters. So, they may get stuck at the beginning of writing, hesitating about the perfect expository essay topic. Now, we want to simplify the process and offer some hooky ideas for college students.

  1. How many years are enough to get the required skills for the future profession?
  2. Positive and negative issues of sororities and fraternities in college.
  3. How much money must a good education cost?
  4. How many foreign languages do you need to know to feel free while traveling?
  5. The connection between successive studies and career prospects.
  6. Benefits of online schooling.
  7. The necessity and scope of home assignments are not to discourage students from studying.
  8. What new jobs are needed in modern society?
  9. Can people without education be successfully employed?
  10. Current tools for education.

General Expository Essay Topics

If your teacher does not specify the topic or does not insist on certain expository essays, students may feel confused facing a variety of topics. So, we shortened the list and offered to your attention only the most fundamental and captivating ideas to reveal in your expository writing.

  1. Importance of sorting out the rubbish.
  2. Good age for pregnancy from a medical point of view.
  3. How to gain practical skills in first aid and remember them with everyday implementation?
  4. Impact of stress on our physical health.
  5. Overweight: The disease of the 21st century.
  6. Can family psychologists save relations?
  7. Child-free families: Considered choice or hidden problems?
  8. Role of childish fears in grown-up life.
  9. Exploration of the world: Necessity or curiosity?
  10. Benefits of electric cars for nature.

Expository Essay Ideas

The key factor of exciting expository writing is interest in the writing process and topic. So, before starting, you should weigh all pros and cons to define expository essay ideas worth covering. Moreover, to succeed, it is crucial to possess background knowledge to demonstrate expertise. Therefore, we listed several ideas you may grasp when looking for a great topic.

  1. Top stressors for teenagers.
  2. Is there a connection between lifestyle, music genre, and clothes style?
  3. Describe the structure of your favorite invention.
  4. Explain the main reasons for overeating.
  5. What brings more happiness ― material or non-material issues?
  6. Can people inherit the interests of previous generations?
  7. How does music affect our mood?
  8. Describe the role of adrenaline in our behavior.
  9. What are the risks of constant diets?
  10. What is the first thing people notice when meeting for the first time?

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