Mar 23, 2021

Essay Help Service: Get Essay Help for Any Writing Task

Perhaps, you are living your best student years right now. Or, you aren’t because of an overwhelming stream of academic assignments.

College students have to deal with dozens of essays and papers in an academic year. Thus, expecting to spend time with friends, do sports, or relax at home, they have to burn candles at both ends to deal with homework. In this case, the more assignments you have, the more accumulating stress you receive.

It’s not a hyperbole since many students experience complete burnout and even get into a severe depression. If you feel that you can’t handle all the assignments in time, and there is no rescue, you need professional help. In reality, the escape exists. Most students find it in essay help services.

They wish to pay an essay helper to write their paper and relax. If you are searching for such assistance, you can no longer google for essay help. You are already in the right place. We are one of the leading essay writing help agencies that make thousands of students happy each year. We can complete a project of any complexity on any subject.

What Subjects EssayUSA Provides Writing Help With?

Do you believe there is no solution to your civil engineering essay prompt? Fortunately, we can prove you are wrong. We believe our customers must have a chance of getting help regardless of their major. Due to this, we cooperate with professionals with expertise in different industries. Thus, our customers can receive expert essay help with whatever discipline and topic they choose.

Thus, you can select from the most complicated fields of study, such as:

  • Engineering (aeronautics, civil engineering, aviation, etc.).
  • Medicine.
  • Math.
  • Physics.
  • And more.

We cover over 80 disciplines, allowing you to get the best marks for any subject and assignment. By the way, our writers can craft over 30 types of writing tasks. Do you fight anxiety attacks every night because you think your term paper is an unachievable task? You can order it from us. Or, you want to apply to college but have no idea how to write these complicated admission essays? We can save your future with A+ admission essays.

Thus, you can select from any task, and we will complete it for you without a problem. If you have any questions, you can consult our customer support team or place a free inquiry on our website. The key thing is not to procrastinate but pull yourself together and get the job done.

Besides, you will get many advantages from addressing an essay help service aside from excellent marks for writing. Check them below:

You Will Learn Your Major

Unless you plan to become the second Stephen King or J.R.R. Tolkien, you won’t need so much writing in your life. It will play the second or third role in your career. For instance, you want to become a vet and save the pet’s lives. Why would you sacrifice your time for writing essays instead of learning biology?

The same thing touches computer science students. You will need to dedicate hundreds of hours to coding but not compiling your essay reference page or formatting APA citations.

Studying doesn’t always bring you what you need to become successful. Thus, students often have to decide between the essential and secondary disciplines. Aside from giving you new knowledge, studying teaches you to think critically and manage your time.

Smart students set priorities and delegate non-essential tasks to professionals. Thus, it would be a wise decision to dedicate time to your major instead of wasting it on essays.

You Can Build Your Career during Your Studentship

Statistics show that around 80% of college students work. Indeed, applying for a job connected to your major is the best thing you can do for your future success. You will gain the essential experience and become an expert right upon your graduation. The top companies will be hunting your CV. But let us take a different situation.

Let’s imagine you are an obedient student. You complete all assignments on your own. Instead of earning working experience, you write essays. You have never dealt with real work challenges, only received words of appreciation from professors and teachers. You will enter a labor market like a tiny blind kitten at the end of studying, while your competitors will already have 2-3 years of job experience.

Would a company choose an applicant with high grades but no real experience or the one with high marks and superior skills? Sure, the HR manager would prefer the person with records in their CV. Why does this person have a high GPA? Because they differentiated between the necessary and unnecessary, purchasing some assignments and emphasizing subjects they will benefit from at work.

Therefore, addressing an essay writing service will allow you to do your job and receive high marks for homework at once. We will help you combine your studying with employment while sacrificing neither.

You Will Get Free Time

Many teachers believe their subjects are crucial, inseparable from students’ future success. That is why they will load you with tons of work and demand impeccable execution. 

But sometimes they forget that you are a person in the first place. Not a machine. You are a human with dreams, wishes, and activities besides studying. That is why you need to rest. But with such an enormous workload, you won’t get this time out. What should you do to free up your time?

The answer is that you can purchase an essay and relieve your headache of unsolved writing assignments. You can replenish your vital energy with extra hours of sleep. You can also meet your friends, watch your favorite Netflix series, or spend weekends with your family.

Overall, essay writing assistance allows you to recover from learning stress, boost your performance, and preserve your thirst for knowledge.

EssayUSA Professional Essay Help Team

We will save your time, nerves, deadlines, and marks with top-notch essays.

We can prove our words with concrete facts: 89,000+ written essays and a 95.5% satisfaction rate. We have achieved this due to our experts who work round-the-clock to provide our clients with academic projects of super quality. Check who works for us below:

Our Writers

One thousand four hundred writers work for us. We are indeed proud of our massive writer’s team. Nonetheless, we have achieved success also due to efficient management approaches. They allow us to cooperate with all these people as one unit.

Furthermore, we stand out from others thanks to our writer’s expertise. We know that writing essays require determination, persistence, enormous attention, and diligence. Completing academic assignments for someone is a big responsibility we can entrust only to writers with broad academic experience. Due to this, we hire only native English writers with a strong educational background and portfolio.

That is why university and college professors become our ideal candidates. First, nobody can write academic assignments better than people who create and check them. Second, college and university tutors have years of experience. They publish their works in journals. After all, they write and defend dissertations and conduct plenty of postdoctoral research.

Indeed, these people craft winning essays, thesis and research papers, dissertations, and other academic works. Apart from professors, we also hire researchers and writers with Ph.D. degrees with decades of experience behind them.

Thanks to this approach, our content department has become super strong. Our writers can handle any academic assignment or discipline. Thus, if you search for an expert essay helper, you will undoubtedly find one among our writers.

How We Hire Writers

We are committed to delivering essays of superlative quality. That is why we check not only our writers’ academic background but also performance. It is crucial to find out how a candidate demonstrates their skills under harsh conditions. For this, we apply the following hiring approaches:

  • Examination of English knowledge. Our applicants have to complete multiple language tests to demonstrate their superb English skills.
  • A check of citation format knowledge. A writer must know how to deal with APA, MLA, and other styles.
  • Writing skills testing. Our writers must complete sample time-bound assignments to show their skills in practice, under real working conditions.

In this way, we determine who is a weak link in the chain, and only the best writers become members of our team.

Our Editors

What makes us stand out is that our writers work with professional editors. Our editorial team consists of expert native English editors and proofreaders. Editing is an essential part of writing. We believe each piece of content has to undergo multiple checks to achieve flawless quality.

Thus, while some essay help services save their money on editing, we invest in it. Thanks to this, we can maintain top-notch content quality consistently for years.

Our editorial team aims at checking each essay and paper for grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors. Our professionals ensure each essay you receive is well-written, well-researched, and well-structured. They also check how your writer follows formatting guidelines and how original the piece is.

Thus, our editors ensure you will receive the highest mark for your assignment. Here is how our editorial team works:

  • The writer submits the finished assignment to the editor.
  • The editor checks the task.
  • If your essay is written flawlessly, the editor allows the writer to upload it to your dashboard.
  • If any improvements are required, the editor marks them and asks the author to correct the errors.
  • Once everything is okay, the author submits their work to your dashboard.

As you can see, each piece of writing comes to you polished and ready to receive the best mark.

Our Support Team

We would fail without a dedicated support team. Our customers want to receive instant assistance most conveniently, through live chat, and at any time. Since we aim at our service’s utmost convenience, we established a live chat that works round-the-clock. Thus, you can expand the chat window on our site and ask anything you want to know about our service.

Besides, our customer support department works in shifts. That is why you will receive essay help from a kind support agent (not a chatbot) even at 3:00 AM.

Once you publish an order, our team will assign an author to your project, and they will deliver it to you within the set time frames or even earlier. Thus, we ensure that you can solve even the most urgent task, thanks to our customer service department and managers working non-stop.

Choose EssayUSA for Help with Essay

Why choose us? You already know that we work with academic writing professionals and editing experts to ensure top-notch writing quality. Still, we have a couple of extra benefits to offer you:

  • Risk-free essays. We have a transparent money-back guarantee that allows you to get your money back if you think we don’t suit your academic goals. Thus, you can receive full and partial refunds on completed orders and assignments in progress.
  • Free corrections. If you find some inconsistencies between your essay and your order requirements, you can always ask your writer to correct them. The same thing touches errors. Although these situations are as rare as dogs in space, we are 100% ready to deal with them and give our customers the most rewarding and pleasant experience.

EssayUSA Is an Essay Writing Service You Can Trust

100% Original Essays Only

Many students worry about plagiarism issues in their papers. Indeed, matching content is an academic crime, and nobody wants to be accused of that while paying for an essay.

We, as a leading essay company, are firmly convinced that plagiarism must be excluded. We are here to provide you with 100% original essays that will pass the Turnitin check.

How do we exclude plagiarism? First, our writers are committed to bringing original ideas. They don’t copy materials or rewrite published essays to fool plagiarism checkers. Instead, they craft papers from scratch.

In essence, our experts do academic assignments in the way they should be done. Our authors research, gather information, outline their essays, and support their arguments with relevant facts and statistics. They refer to authoritative sources that your professor would recommend you to use. Due to this, they create original works.

Apart from that, our content creators and editors use dedicated software to check papers and essays for plagiarism. Thus, we guarantee that your project will contain zero plagiarism. Moreover, our experts check tasks for matching content several times, ensuring 100% authenticity. Finally, you can ask for the plagiarism report at any time.

Superb Quality

We are committed to crafting outstanding writing projects. Years of experience, professional approach to writing and ultimate dedication allow our authors to deliver error-free, well-researched, and logically structured tasks. Besides, our experts use plenty of professional writing tools, popular among academics and fiction writers.

Finally, each essay and paper undergoes the editor’s evaluation. These approaches allow us to remain the leading essay help service and make thousands of students happy.

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

Failing a deadline is standard students’ phobia. Delegating an assignment to someone else raises the following question: “Will your writer deliver my task on time?” We can ensure that your essay assistant will bring your assignment when expected or before the due date.

How do we achieve on-time delivery? First, we assign writers to your projects right upon their publication. Second, our writers receive plenty of incentives for meeting deadlines and many penalties for failing them. Therefore, they are eager to start working on your task as soon as possible and finish it on time. What is more, you will receive notifications on your order’s progress.

Hire The Most Accomplished Essay Helpers Online And Watch The Tables Turn In Your Favor

By obtaining academic tasks from us, you will get the best outcome. With little investment, you will get:

  • High marks for writing.
  • Plenty of free time.
  • Time for work.
  • Time to learn important disciplines.

It will be much better for you to delegate writing to professional authors with years of experience behind them and a full stack of premium writing tools at hand. What should you do to get help with an essay? Just create an account on our website, place an order, and watch tables turn in your favor.


Why Choose EssayUSA for Essay Writing Help?

We are one of the leaders in the help essay field. Here are the reasons why choosing our service will become your best studying investment:

  • We have delivered over 89,000 writing assignments.
  • Our satisfaction rate is close to 100%.
  • We have a professional US-based editorial team.
  • We ensure 100% originality of each paper.
  • We provide a superb quality of writing.
  • You risk nothing since we provide refunds and free revisions.
  • We don’t disclose your personal info.
  • Our prices are 20% cheaper than they are on other writing services.

Is Our Essay Helper Qualitative?

We are committed to superlative quality and flawless performance. Therefore, we hire the most experienced writers. We are convinced that only people with substantial academic experience, such as professors and tutors, can understand students’ needs. That is why our writers are current and former US college and university tutors, researchers, and academics. Thanks to this, your essay assistant will have a native knowledge of English and a Ph.D. degree.

Is Your Personal Information Stored Securely on Our Essay Assistant Service?

Your personal info is 100% confidential and safe within our environment. To ensure absolute customer experience safety, we apply the following approaches:

  • We have a valid SSL site certificate. It ensures an encrypted connection between your device and our website. Due to this, you can purchase our services securely.
  • We don’t store your payment data.
  • Our service is confidential. We don’t disclose your info to third parties.
  • We don’t require you to disclose any information about your educational institution.

What we require is your phone number so that we can contact you whenever it’s needed. We will use it within our service exclusively. Thus, you can feel 100% safe while working with us.

Is Our Essay Help Online Legit?

We operate legally, and our service doesn’t interfere with university and college laws. You can use our service as academic help, which is similar to hiring a private tutor. The crucial difference is that our academic assistance is cheaper and saves a lot of your time.

Who Is Your Essay Helper?

We believe that people with experience in academia and a scientific approach to writing are the best candidates for our company. Therefore, our essay assistants are professional writers, researchers, teachers, and professors with years of scholarly writing experience.

Is There Customer Support?

We aim at round-the-clock assistance. Due to this, our customer service department works 24/7. Moreover, you can reach our support team via multiple channels, including email, live chat, and helpline. At any time. Even in the middle of the night.

Our Service Delivers Essay Papers on Time?

We give an assurance that you will receive all your finished orders on schedule. We have an enormous team of 1,400 writers. Thanks to this, we will process your order instantly after you publish it. Once we find a writer for your task, they put pen to paper immediately. We incorporate incentives for our team to follow due dates, which allows us to deliver work on time. Thousands of happy customers prove this with their testimonials.