Jan 28, 2021

70+ College Essay Topics

  1. Write about your career goal 

Please write about your dream career. Namely, you may think of some fundamental accomplishments you want to achieve once you manage to obtain your dream job. 

  1.  Describe an experience that changed your mindset

Most likely, all people experience situations that serve as critical points in their life. Think about some past circumstances, the people you met, the problems you lived through, and consider the case, the influence of which was the most critical in your life. Write about the way it changed your mindset. 

  1. Tell the reader about a remarkable human 

Consider some people who have had the most fundamental influence on world history. This might be anyone: a politician, human rights activist, an actor, a scientist. While describing a particular person, try to highlight their key accomplishments and provide an idea of why this person deserves to be a role model these days. 

  1.  The role your family plays in your life 

The topic of family is a sentimental one. You may write about your siblings, cousins, or parents. Tell whose role is the most influential in your life. Think about the activities you’re engaged in, your personality traits, and try to figure out which family member has influenced you the most. 

  1. An advice for high school graduates

Since you are already in college, you probably gained a lot of valuable experience. What you may do is outline some helpful pieces of advice for those students who are currently choosing their academic path. 

  1.  Write about motivational factors that have immense value for you

Motivation is a driving force, so discovering your biggest drivers is fundamental. Get creative and think of some, for instance, intrinsic motivational factors that help you in achieving goals.

  1. Pick a movie and consider what an alternative ending might be

You may select some well-known film (e.g., Harry Potter) and offer some alternative end of the movie. You can do the same with any novel. Such an essay topic allows you to demonstrate how creative you are. Besides, such an essay will look like an alternative story, where your task is to argue why an alternative end of a story would be better and lead to useful implications. 

  1. Write about the top ten things you learned before 20 

You can elaborate on the topic in your unique way. The idea is to write down the top X things you managed to realize during your lifetime. These should be the insights you got thanks to your personal experience. 

  1. The top environmental issue that needs a solution right now

You are probably concerned with particular ecological problems. Write about which current environmental problem needs attention the most. Also, don’t forget to mention some possible ways to fight the outlined problem. 

  1.  If you had a chance to choose a single subject till the rest of college studies, what would it be?

Present your ideas regarding the subject you’re compassionate about the most. If once you were put in a situation where a student can take only one class, what would you select?

  1. The country you want to live in

Think about some country you would like not only to study but also to create a family and to get old. Write about the country, what attracts you the most, what you so far know about the country. 

  1. Discuss whether all the inventions actually made our lives better

You can pick one of the most fundamental inventions that changed our lives forever: a mobile phone, the Internet, etc. What you may do is to indicate why some innovations have had a negative influence on our lives. 

  1. The soft skill that you wish you had 

Soft skills aren’t that easy to master. While a person can learn almost everything, from driving a car to computer programming, particularly soft skills cannot be attained by all the people. Choose one and tell the reader why you want this skill. You may also indicate why such a skill would make your life better.

  1.  Your favourite place in the city you live in.

You may think of a place in your neighbourhood which has a particular meaning to you. This might be the place where you go to relax and unwind or a site that is associated with a warm memory. 

  1.  Living in a city vs living in a country house 

You may write an essay where you will present your stable position with regard to living in a city or a village. You will need to give your reasonable arguments and make the reader believe that, for instance, living in a town is indeed better.

  1. If you were given a chance to make a single wish, what would it be?

Think of the thing that you crave in your life and you wish you could get it effortlessly. What would it be? Additionally, why making this wish come true has such meaning for you? 

  1. The historical event that influenced the development of your country. 

In this essay, don’t hesitate to express your opinion. Refer to some historical event that had the most significant influence on your country. You may also write down the lessons that such an event taught the entire population. 

  1. Write about the hobby you wish you took in childhood 

As we grow up, we start to realize that we haven’t yet discovered our full potential. What do you feel you could do to express yourself more? In other words, which activity or a hobby you wish you had mastered as a child?

  1. What do you like the most about your studies?

Students decide to study for a lot of reasons, but first of all, they do this because something attracts their interest. What has grabbed your interest so far? Is there any point that makes your studying program appealing to you and standing out from the rest?

  1. How your background shaped your personality?

Growing up in a particular country, family, surrounded by specific people – this hugely shapes your mindset as a grown-up. Provide some insight into your cultural background and write a bit about how it shaped the person you’ve become today. 

  1. Write about the habits of successful people

Write an essay about which traits and habits help people to succeed in their lives. You may think about such habits and outline them on the paper. 

  1. An advice that has had the most influence on you

Some precious pieces of advice can change lives for the better. Think of whether some person has ever given you advice that turned your world upside down. Additionally, don’t forget to mention in which specific way a piece of advice improved your life.

  1.  A situation in which you felt like a hero.

Maybe you saved a poor animal who was left alone on the street, or you gave someone a first aid? Try to recall a situation when you did something for another one’s good. Express the way you felt in that moment, and how the case further impacted your personality. 

  1.   The challenge you face in a male-dominated field (or vice versa)

If you are a female who chose computer science or engineering as your major, you might feel absolute pressure, since such fields are male-dominated. The same applies to males who decided to become preschool teachers or administrative assistants in the future. Think of the most apparent challenges that you face every day. 

  1.  Have you ever detected and stood up against bullying? 

It is highly unlikely to find a person that has never witnessed mobbing and bullying. Almost everyone once was either a mobber or a victim of it. To show your position regarding bullying, write about what helped you to detect it once. Also, which measures did you take to bring that behaviour to an end?

  1. Write any ‘my top ten’ essay

While writing an essay on this topic, don’t hesitate to get as creative as you want. Do not merely describe your top favourite movies or songs. Think of the things that have a particular value for you. 

  1. How growing up in a multilingual family influences your personality? 

Since globalization and integration are actively taking place these days, more and more people come from multinational families. Therefore, they grow up speaking multiple languages at the same time. If this is a case for you, mention the aspects of your life that multilingualism has affected. 

  1. Describe a stressful situation when you took a leap into unknown 

According to the evidence, stressful situations allow us to express our true personality. Think about the time when you had to take a shot in the dark. Was it successful, and which conclusions have you made after?

  1. What would you strongly want to talk about if you had a chance to reach out to an audience? 

Most likely, you have a stable position regarding some topic. Or you just want to express yourself on a particular issue and get your voice heard. What will be the first thing you will passionately talk about?

  1. Your secret to mastering a foreign language.

Becoming fluent in a foreign language is an achievement. Reveal some secrets that helped you to stay on track while learning a new language. What inspired you the most, and what was your approach?

  1. How a specific studying program can help you in attaining academic goals?

Whenever you write a college essay, you need to focus on your motivation. If you have a strong motivation, the admission committee will notice it. So, outline all of your academic goals and draw a link between the program and the goals. 

  1.  The topic you would like to write a dissertation about

If you have so far decided which topic you will pick for your future dissertation, this is a substantial advantage for you. Write about the topic. What motivates your research interest? What do you know yet about the topic, and what research gap you would like to fill?

  1.  Write about your volunteering experience 

Having oneself engaged in volunteering is a significant advantage. It demonstrates that you are willing to make your input into improving the world, regardless of whether you get any compensation. If you have a volunteering experience – share it with your groupmates!

  1. Write about your first professional accomplishment during a job.

Your professional achievements can say a lot about you as a person. Even if you only worked for a couple of months or had a small job – you may share your experience. Recall what you helped your employer with. Even if you think that achievement is too tiny – it is still an achievement.

  1. What do you do to maintain a balance between studies and personal life?

Most students cannot physically cope with the workload, so managing to organize social life is out of the question. Do you have any routine that helps you to stay on track in both spheres? 

  1.  If you had a chance to travel in time, which times would you travel to?

Think about the century you would want to live in for a day. Maybe you are curious about how it felt to live in the time of world war? Or what life was like during the war of roses in the fifteenth century? 

  1. Tell about the constitutional amendments you would make if you could.

By approaching this topic, you will reveal your civil position. Think of some amendments that do not exist yet. To sound convincing, outline how such an amendment would impact the country and the citizens. What to do to make this amendment a reality?

  1. If you had an opportunity to talk to a 10-year-old you, what would you say?

Most likely, your life gave a couple of lessons which you couldn’t learn from other people. How do you think, would your life be different if you knew some ‘lessons’ in your childhood? If yes, what would be the initial thing you would say to a 10-year-old self?

  1. If you were a teacher, which subject would you teach? 

Don’t ignore creativity when writing this paper. Think of the subject you may be willing to teach and provide some grounds to strengthen your arguments.

  1. An innovation that might facilitate the studying and teaching processes. 

If you take a look at what studying was like fifty years ago, you will be surprised by how much easier it is now. How do you think, is it possible to facilitate the learning and teaching processes even more? 

  1. Which solution, in your opinion, might reduce poverty?

Poverty is not one of the top social issues. By showing your attitude to it, you will sound highly concerned and mature. You may think about some of the most effective strategies to reduce this pressing social issue. 

  1. Which country would you like to study in?

Think about a country that is famous for the quality of its education. Or consider a place in the world where you will have a high chance of getting your dream job. 

  1. Your attitude to specific political conflict.

These days, a lot of political conflicts and counteractions are taking place in our world. A good thing about it is that such circumstances serve as a potent topic for discussion, so you may select any which you have a particular opinion about.

  1. Any advice you can give for giving up a bad habit.

Showing how to overcome a bad habit and remove it from your life completely will help you demonstrate your willpower. Maybe you used to smoke or had any other kind of addiction? Feel free to share your story. 

  1.  An event that made you interested in a particular major.

Probably, choosing a specific major wasn’t a choice that you did accidentally or spontaneously. Try to recall that striking event that made you come up with this decision. 

  1. A person you want to become in ten years.

No matter how old-fashioned this topic may sound at first, it is highly relevant at all times. If you apply to a college, motivation is something you need to demonstrate in the first instance. Presenting an idea of what you want to accomplish in the next ten years will display your strength.

  1.  What did you do to overcome a fear or a phobia?

Think of what helped you to overcome an eternal fear. Feel free to express your emotions, indicate how your fear made you feel. It would be relevant to tell a story about that day when your fear stopped existing. 

  1. The most significant loss in your life and how you managed to deal with it.

If you have nothing against becoming sincere with a reader and sharing some internal worries, you may pick this topic. All people experience the loss of a pet or a close person. Sharing your story and the way you got through this is the main idea of such an essay. 

  1.  How social networks affect your life.

We live in an era when online is reasonably displacing offline. Although pretty convenient, fast, and interactive, such a way of living affects us as social creatures. Do you personally feel the influence of online social networks? How do they change your life?

  1. The role of your friends in shaping your personality.

Even though family plays a pivotal role in your life, the people you deem your friends also do. Think about the way your friends influence you as a person. Maybe they affected your choice of a hobby, major, future career?

  1. Outline your favourite quote and discuss it. 

Select one quote from your favourite book, for instance, and discuss it. This might be a quote that characterizes you most accurately. Besides, it might be some expression that is stuck in your head and amazes you to the present day.

  1.  Which social movement of the current century do you consider the most influential one?

The ecology movement, the women rights movement, and many more have shaped the society. Do you have any ideas of which social movement has been the most influential?

  1. If you had to choose whether to read minds or reverse time, what would you choose?

It is incredibly hard to choose between the two superpowers. But you may provide arguments for both and then choose the one aspect that has more value for you. How would you use the superpower?

  1. Write your autobiography in brief 

If you run out of topics for your college essay, there is always an option to write about yourself. Just make sure your story sounds catchy and interesting. To accomplish this, write about the most striking moments in your life and, of course, don’t forget to indicate the interconnection between all the life events. 

  1. What to do to make entrepreneurship stop associating with males only.

One of the most significant problems these days is that males still dominate an entrepreneurship sphere. Indeed, it isn’t easy to recall a female entrepreneur if you are asked to. What can we do to eliminate this issue?

  1. If you won a million dollars, what will be your first purchase?

Suppose you won a lottery and have a lot of money. Multiple ideas may come to your head, but what would be the primary? Besides, think about what motivates you to spend the money for this particular thing? Or, maybe you would better invest the money?

  1. If you could talk to any famous person, who would you choose?

If you had an opportunity to talk to a famous person for a minimal amount of time, who would you talk to? You can select anyone, from most outstanding scientists of the 18th century to famous celebrities. What would you ask, and how will you use this information?

  1. Discuss one goal that you have already successfully attained.

You may discuss any goal that is significant to you. It shouldn’t necessarily be connected with your academic life or career. Just think of any accomplishment that makes you proud. 

  1. What is your approach to passing exams successfully? 

Maybe, you have a particular routine while preparing for upcoming exams. You may indicate how you study throughout the semester and whether you begin to learn in advance or postpone everything to some point. What is your secret to scoring high?

  1. How did you deal with pressure from peers or family? 

When we grow up, we often face particular pressure which is hard to notice, at first. However, it forces us to make specific decisions and act in a way that society expects from us. Think of a moment when you felt under pressure. Did you tell your friends or parents about it? Was there any strategy that you chose to get rid of it?

  1.  An app you would develop to tackle social problems.

Suppose you are an app developer. Do you have any ideas of an app that might reduce pressing social issues? So far, similar apps exist, but they are not available on a large scale. Outline your ideas regarding dealing with such a problem. 

  1. Have you ever played the role of a mediator in an argument?

A mediator is a third party whose primary responsibility is to help conflicting sides find a compromise. Did you manage to resolve the conflict? Recall the time, the people you helped, and the implications of that situation.

  1. A major event from your childhood that impacted you. 

As kids, we all live through a multitude of unforgettable moments. Some of the critical events define our future behaviour and attitudes. Recall one and try to reflect upon this event.

  1. A situation in your life when you lost control.

Boasting of your strengths and abilities to handle stressful situations is good. But why not tell the reader about a situation when you lost control and couldn’t influence the situation? Mention why such a situation happened, and what were the implications.

  1. Do you consider animals more humane and kind than most of the people? 

You may recall a situation when you witnessed that animals are much kinder and humane than many people. Think of particular examples and tell how specifically this experience affected your mindset and values.

  1. Talk about the experience of moving to a different city or country. 

Moving to a new city or even a country is always a new stage in one’s life. In your essay, outline how you felt before and after moving. Can you say that you changed as a person after changing your place of residence?

  1.  Write about the biggest failure in your life.

Sometimes, we try to accomplish a particular goal a couple of times in a row, and we may still fail. Was this once the case for you? Don’t worry, the biggest failures happen to all of us, so feel free to talk about it. To make your essay sound more appealing, give a reason why you’re talking about your failure, and which lesson it might provide.

  1. An event that made you feel like the happiest person ever.

Was there a situation when you felt as happy as never before? Recall these moments of joy and tell the reader what made you feel that happy. 

  1. The culture and traditions of which foreign country appeal to you the most?

Some cultures are very similar, even if the people speak different languages and have contrasting appearances. Is there any culture that makes you feel like home? You may give details and provide readers with specific examples.

  1. How to motivate more adolescents to get a University degree? 

The common issue is that many students lack the motivation to pursue a university degree. What would you do to evoke their interest? How do you think: is this due to the shortage of career opportunities, inadequate equipment in many universities, or mere ignorance? You may give ideas on how to engage students and also tell a few motivational stories.